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  1. This set is neither obscure or unpopular as well.
  2. Can they be added to the Spider-Man #1 set then? It is an exact reprint of Spider-Man #1, and 15 versions. It should be included somewhere.
  3. Please add the the 2020 Spider-Man #1 Facsimile Editions to the following sets: - Spider-Man (1990) - Spider-Man (1990) McFarlane Only 15 different versions, all here: They are all reprints of Spider-Man #1 for the 30th Anniversary.
  4. Hello & happy 2021! Please create a set for the 2020 Spider-Man #1 Facsimile Editions. 15 different versions, most scarce version has 16 graded copies. All here: Please let me know if I need to list my Cert #'s, I have 11 out odf the 15 slabbed, personally. Big Ronnie Hello @Big Ronnie, Thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we are not able to create a set for a one-shot book. While th
  5. Hello CGC Registry, here's my request to improve a set: Set Name: Ghost Rider (Complete) Request. Add relevant missing books. The 1st Chronological appearance listed is Ghost Rider #1 (1950), the character's 10th actual appearance. Tim Holt #6-10 as The "Calico Kid", and Tim Holt #11-14 should be added as critical appearances prior to Ghost Rider #1 in 1950. Please consider adding all, but at least: - Tim Holt #6: 1st Appearance of "The Calico Kid" - Tim Holt #11: 1st Appearance of Rex Fury & the 1st Ghost Rider Marvel Spotlight is there, I believe
  6. I am a maniac for SM#1 and ALL related items. Anyone have something I need to add to my list? Please click the + up top to follow.