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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on this topic. I now understand, better, the issue at hand. I am definitely not a grader, so I really might be expressing MY opinion of the comic's actual grade. I trust CGCs grading system! As long as the slab has not been tampered with, I have no choice but to accept the comic as having earned the 9.4 grade on the blue label. Today, you've taught me a lot. You've especially opened my eyes to the fact that 9.4s DO have a range of flaws (which is why they're not graded higher), and that some of these flaws, if present, may not be ones that are acceptable to my tastes.
  2. I'm perplexed. Two weeks ago, I bought a CGC graded and slabbed comic off of ebay. It is a 9.4 with Off-White Pages. When the comic arrived, though, it was graded a 9.4, but did not look like a 9.4. It looked to be a lower grade. My questions are: 1) Should I be concerned? 2) Is there a way to tell if the slab has been tampered with and the comic inside replaced with another, lower grade comic of the same issue? 3) If I send the comic in to CGC to be reholdered (it is right now in an older blue slab), is it likely that CGC may change the grade to a lower grade, if it doesn't look up to par? 4) Has this ever happened to anyone else. I'm curious to know. Well, thanks for any input you may have on this topic. I look forward to hearing your responses.
  3. For my submissions, it's almost always taken 10 days to show up on My Submissions page.
  4. I'm not sure. What exactly is Legacy numbering?
  5. I might be, if I knew what legacy numbering was. Please explain.
  6. As a hypothetical example, if a CGC graded ASM comic has an issue number of 23 but on the slab it says Amazing Spider-Man 736 what does that indicate?
  7. I am trying to choose between two CGC graded comics of the same issue. The first is a 9.6 the second a 9.4. The 9.4 has great centering! However the 9.6 is off centered, with white spilling over from the spine wrap around to the front cover. I know centering is important to the aesthetics of the slabbed comic, but how much consideration should one give to good centering over slightly higher grade?
  8. Thanks! You've helped, because I had absolutely no clue.
  9. I have grown a quite sizable collection of CGC graded comics. How would I go about insuring them through an insurance company in case of fire or flood?
  10. Thanks so much for your feedback!! It's very reassuring.
  11. I just received a CGC slabbed comic. It was left at my front door for 2 hours, before I discovered it. It was raining outside. However, the box was left on my covered porch. When I went to open the box, I felt it was slightly damp. Inside the slab was wrapped tightly in 3 layers of plastic bubble wrap. The bubble wrap was neither damp nor wet. Could my new slabbed CGC comic be damaged in any way by the humidity, or is it fine due to the bubble wrap?
  12. I am so confused about this, so I really hope someone out there can help me see the light. I just bought a raw copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 Vol 5. It is the Lucio Parrillo SDCC variant. The book was printed 9/18. When I looked the book up on comicspriceguide the only volume listed was Vol 6. What does the volume number of a variant tell you about that particular printing? In other words what does Vol 5 indicate about the comic in question? The price guide tells me that a 9.4 grade of the Vol 6 SDCC variant issue is worth $85.00. Would this value hold true for Vol 5 of this issue too? By my twisted logic it seems Vol 5 would be more valuable than a Vol 6, as it indicates that Vol 5 was an earlier edition. Also, is comicspriceguide usually accurate, or not? Thanks for reading!
  13. I just bought a raw copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 Vol 5 Lucio Parrillo SDCC convention exclusive variant. What does the Vol 5 indicate about the printing of this comic? Is a Vol 5 more valuable than say, a Vol 6 of the same issue?
  14. That's exactly what I'm talking about. THANKS so much! Feeling much better now.