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  1. Assuming both issues present the same. Assuming the 9.0 costs $20.00 more than the 9.2. Assuming I am interested in the issue gaining value, after a long period of time.
  2. I am trying to choose which one to buy: a 9.0 graded issue, with Off-White to White Pages ; or a 9.2 graded, of the same issue, with Off-White Pages. Which one would you buy?
  3. I'm looking to buy a CGC slabbed copy of Batman vol. 1 #202 "Gateway To Death". The descriptions on eBay state that this issue is the last story "signed" Bon Kane. What exactly does this refer to? What exactly does this mean? I'd love to be educated on this topic. Thanks, all!
  4. I just bought a newsstand, CGC 9.2 graded, Amazing Spider-Man #217. It's the one from 6/81, where Sandman & Hydro-Man combine to become Mud-Thing. Throughout the day, I looked closely at all aspects of the comic. I saw that, on the bottom of the cover of my copy, where it says: "HERE'S MUD IN YOUR EYE, SPIDEY!", There is some kind of white mark (not quite an apostrophe) between the "U" and the "R" in the word "YOUR". Has any owner of an ASM #217 (graded or not) noticed this anomaly? I'm trying to determine if the mark is a printer error, or what. Does it show up only on some newsstand issues, and not on Direct Editions? Is this copy a variant? Help me out here guys. I'd love your feedback!
  5. Recently, I bought a CGC comic that was graded as a 7.5, but looks to be of a much higher grade. I want to resubmit this comic to CGC for review, and possible re-grading. However, I don't know the steps to take, when using the online form, to be able to do this. Please help!
  6. AwesomeSauce

    Reholder Fee

    I had a comic reholdered, and it came back crooked in its case. So now, there is nothing wrong with the case, just the position of the comic within the case. Can I send the book back again for reholder? This way the comic can be placed in the case straight this time.
  7. I know that I always pay more for CGC graded comics with better page quality. For example, I've found that, nine times out of ten, a comic graded at 8.5 with WHITE Pages is almost always more expensive than the same issue of that comic also graded at an 8.5, but with OFF-WHITE TO WHITE Pages. Because the comic with WHITE Pages costs more to buy, however, is it really more VALUABLE than the same comic with the same grade, but with lower page quality?
  8. Recently, I sent some comics off to CGC for grading. The comics were bagged and boarded prior to me taping them to pieces of cardboard backing to ensure safe shipping. I used paper painter's tape to tape the comics to the cardboard backing. I am worried that I may have taped one of the comics too tightly to the cardboard backing. If this causes an indent in the surface of the comic, will that indent affect the comic's ultimate grade?
  9. I'm a new collector. Recently, I purchased a graded comic. The comic is from 1968. Its staples are offset. They are actually located on the cover, about a millimeter or two inward from the spine. Is this normal, or a sign of tampering?
  10. I just purchased a Universal Grade 8.5 comic w/white pages off ebay. It is an Amazing Spider-Man comic from 1968. The staples are not placed directly into the spine of the book, but rather are placed on the front of the book. For example, the top staple is placed where the first stroke of the "M" in MARVEL begins. Similarly, the second staple down from that is of equal distance indented from the spine onto the cover of the book. I've heard that staple placement varied in Marvel comics of the 1960s. I'm just needing to check and make certain that there is nothing to worry about here, and that this issue was not somehow altered.