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  1. I would love to give you my opinion. However, I need some pics of the back cover. Got any?
  2. I'm needing some suggestions. Should I or should I not crack open a CBCS or PGX slab before sending the comic in for re-grading by CGC? Would love to hear your thoughts.
  3. Hmmmm ... looks like an 8.0 - 8.5 IMO, depends on the grader.
  4. I guess I just mean that I'd hate to give anyone on here an idea that CGC won't normally honor. What do you mean by it not being a "professional response" by CGC?
  5. Well, IDK what to say. What I described is exactly what I was told by CGC customer service and did. Please, though, can you educate me as to the correct way I should go about this issue, if it presents itself in the future? I'd appreciate your knowledge.
  6. Getting back a book from CGC that you think you know is graded lower than you think it should be can sometimes be confusing. Once, I bought an ASM 194 off of eBay. It had a grade of 6.0 with Off-White to White pages. When it arrived, it looked amazingly clean and crisp and better than the grade it was given. Over about a week, I kept coming back again and again to inspect the comic. I was so pleased that I had gotten such a nice looking 6.0. But, then one day I was like: "Wait a minute, let me buy the grader notes for this certification number". I read the notes, and everything the notes said
  7. I began collecting, mostly Spider-Man issues, when I was just 6, in 1976. I fell in love with collecting comics! I couldn't wait to get my small allowance, so I could run to the corner newsstand and buy the next issue of ASM. When people would bend down to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd always say: "I want to be a comic book collector." In 2018, I sold my childhood collection of raw books, and decided to begin collecting CGC books. In the past two years, I've amassed a collection of about 200 graded comics. I love the hobby, but took it back up, in part, because I saw it as an