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  1. I'm brand new to ComicLink. However, I've been winning and losing comic auctions on eBay for about three years now. Do both sites operate on the same set of bidding rules? If I put in a winning bid of $500.00 on ComicLink and the next highest bid to mine is $450.00, will I win the comic for $450.00 or will I have to pay $500.00? Thanks for any feedback you can provide!
  2. This is perfect!! Got it! And thanks for the link!! Feeling younger already.
  3. Looking for some help here. Does anyone remember the issue of ASM where he and Daredevil faced off against Hulk, and Hulk injured Daredevil so badly that he put him in the hospital? Maybe the fight didn't occur in ASM, but I swear it happened. Maybe I'm just getting old but If anyone could please help jog my memory on this one I'd greatly appreciate it!
  4. Considering the comic is kept away from sun and UV rays, and stored in a temperature safe environment, will signatures on SS CGC comics ever fade over time?
  5. The back cover is too soiled for a 7.0 - 7.5 IMO. I think it could fetch a 6.5 at best.
  6. This is the correct interpretation of what I'm talking about. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Yes, that is what I'm asking. However, if one were to send in a coverless copy of Hefty #1 it wouldn't grade at anywhere close to an 8.5. I was talking about two comics that are just a .5 grade apart.
  8. Suppose there's a comic that has a census of 3 graded copies at an 8.0. Given the fact that an 8.0 of this comic is so rare to find, would the 8.0 be considered more valuable than the same issue graded an 8.5 with 200 total graded copies?