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  1. I currently have 10 books at CGC. This time, I have decided to wait. I hope I can hold out long enough.
  2. I did this just for a quick and dirty example. I certainly didn't take the time to calculate compound interest. Using the compound interest formula for interest compounded continuously - EV = BV * e^(r*t), I found that the average return for the high value of the books was 12.5% per year. Using the same formula, I found that the average return for the low value of the books was 13.9% per year. Those numbers do look quite a bit different than my initial calculations. EV = Ending Value, BV = Beginning Value, e =2.71828182......, r = rate, t = time in years
  3. My financial advisor has told me repeatedly, "You can't time the market." Half of the time you will be right, but half the time you will be wrong. If you think you can time the market, then you should also be buying lottery tickets.
  4. I just checked this, using a CGC 3.5 as my example. 2010: High - $6,000, Low - $4,183 2020: High - $21,500, Low - $16,800 If you use the two highs, AF #15 3.5 has shown 258.3% growth, or 23.5% per year. If you use the two lows, AF #15 3.5 has shown 301.6% growth, or 27.4% per year. This only applies to a CGC 3.5 book. Other grades would probably be different.
  5. Greetings, everyone. I have two books that I would like to sell to fund a purchase I just made recently. As per board rules, a in the thread trumps any ongoing PM negotiations. No people are the Probation List or in the Hall of Shame are allowed to bid. No returns on CGC-graded books, unless damaged in the mail. PayPal only please. Buyer to pay $5.00 for shipping. I will accept offers, so feel free to PM if you want to negotiate. First off, I have my copy of Strange Tales #101 CGC 6.0 (old label), the first solo Human Torch story in the Silver Age. Page quality is Cream/Off Whi
  6. To some people, this seems to be quite important. Would I like a book to have white pages? Sure. However, I don't foresee myself taking it out of the slab, so what difference does it make to me? I'm OK with white, off-white to white, or off-white. I try to stay away from books in cream or lower, although I definitely have some cream to off-white books in my collection. This certainly doesn't keep me up at nights.