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  1. Well, I got my start in comics by visiting my local barber shop once a month. In fact, there were times when my Mom went grocery shopping, and she just dropped me off at the barber shop until she was done. After a while, the barber would just give me 50¢ and I would go pick out the comics for him. Of course, I can't imagine this happening today. First, a large portion of our population probably has never even been to a barber shop. I used to go to one here in town, but I then found out about a hair styling school nearby. Now, I go in every two weeks, get everything shaved off with no guar
  2. My friend, @KirbyJack, taught me to take pictures in as much natural light as possible. I tried this, and it seemed to help. Of course, this time of year, the sun is not out every day.
  3. Sorry, everybody. I am going to have to delay my sale until Sunday, 01/24/2021. I don't feel comfortable mailing $1,000+ slabs unless I can put them within two boxes. I am hoping my boxes arrive from USPS this upcoming week.
  4. This signature must have been obtained very early in Ditko's career. He became notorious for not autographing anything in his later life.
  5. If I wanted to buy a book using Heritage's Buy Now system, do I still have to pay the 20% buyer's premium? Here's a book that illustrates what I'm talking about:
  6. OK, everyone, I need some guidance. I ordered some Priority mail boxes from USPS. In all likelihood, they will not arrive until some time next week (end of week, I'm guessing). If I continue my plan of putting my books up for sale, I will have to tell all the buyers that there books will be shipped at a later time, OR I can delay my sale until Sunday, 01/24. What do you think would be best?
  7. This applies to BIN and auctions. I believe they say not to be concerned unless two weeks have passed.
  8. I bought a CGC 4.5 copy back in 2018. The price for this book have been pretty stagnant. And Green Lantern is such a cool super-hero. I'm no writer, but I would think just the special effects in a good movie would be enough.
  9. According to the synopsis at the Grand Comicbook Database: "Superboy accidentally flies through time to the future where he meets his grown-up self." Unfortunately, this doesn't really answer the question about whether it was real or imaginary.