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  1. Neat! My local comic shop owner has the prototype for the "New Frontier" Batman and Superman action figures based on Darwyn Cooke's art directly from Darwyn Cooke himself. Darwyn lived nearby and was close friends with my shop owner, and he has/had lent/gave him things like the action figure prototypes as well as original art including the cover to the "New Frontier" trade paperback
  2. Norm sold all his remaining art to Anthony Snyder
  3. Any idea what Jean Paul Leon was asking for those original pages of comic art?
  4. Hypothetical question... I am interested in letting go a particular modern comic that is especially hot right now in trade for original art (in particular, original cover art) So my question is: How common is it to trade comics for art (either privately or through a reputable dealer), and where is the most common place/method to do so? I apologize if this is not the proper forum or etiquette to ask such a question (figured I was safe being that I did not name the comic I am interested in trading).
  5. What is everyone's take on preliminary art? Do you think it should command top dollar, or a percentage compared to the final art? Is it as sought out as "regular" comic art? Does it make a difference if the prelim art is just sketches of characters, or how a page is to be laid out?