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  1. I wonder why none of them have been dubbed on the slab that its a first appearance of the sirens
  2. Throwing my question to the void for help, I have been searching and asking from comic shop to old friends. I have had this discussion/arguement quite a few times and always end up with a never ending argument. So what is the first appearance of the "DC SIRENS". Most say Gotham City Sirens but there's no way it came out in (2009). I have also been told Detective Comics but that was also in (2009). Some have even argued Catwoman 89 (2001) but it's really just Catwoman and harley teaming up and a slight mention of ivy but that's a whole different story, lol. But Batman Adventures 12 is also the same thing. It may be the first Harley and the first Harley and Poison Ivy in the same book. It also has Catwoman making an appearance inside even though she's not on the cover, yet the year is earlier than all the others (1993). Overall I argue that Harley Quinn 3 (2001) pre dates most minus Batman Adventures 12, but unlike them all clearly has all three on the cover with full appearances. I also tried searching all comics in CGC SLABS hoping the label stated it was a first appearance but no luck? Which is also frustrating and confusing, why hasn't this been announced or addressed. Someone, anyone, CGC!!!! help me and all others who argue this. David