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    FACT if I stop posting, trillions and trillions of transistors would be out of work.

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  1. i was looking for the message you sent... i might consider selling my 9.4 copy
  2. John twisted my arm until it broke and purchased one of my coolest Ploog covers, Marvel Spotlight 7 in a 9.8 ow/w (highest-graded copy). It ain't no cheap book either Thanks, John. Enjoy!
  3. great stuff. good luck. it never hurts to go fishing on the boards. i just parted with a book that i really wasnt looking to sell, so yiou never know? the census numbers will really affect the asking prices. if there's only one 9.8, you're going pay more than if there are three of em'.
  4. Logistically, this show is in an isolated area of town. With one exception, all the hotels and restaurants are not within walking distance. ugh and thanks. so, i'll have to take a cab to the bar strip? (not the strip bar)
  5. I'm attending my first C2E2. Are there any special dinners lined up?
  6. I forgot about starting that thread. I don't have a number six either, but I have a gorgeous number 5. If you're a big Ace fan, I'll have to show you my Mooney recreation cover. It's his first comic work and it's an issue of Super-Mystery, but I can't remember the number? It is a red cover with Magno and Davey battling the Clown (over a subway car). I also have a couple Kurtzman file copies... low-grade but super kewl! Mike