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  1. Maybe its just me, but every time I see that cover it reminds me of those cheap batman 3 packs Kmart used to sell in the toys aisle for 99cents. Had a couple 4th or 9th print copies of that book from those packs that got tossed in the great comic downsize massacre if 2016
  2. And catwoman. Although I read bats 1 (reprint) as a kid and do this day somewhat doubt that that's catwonan.
  3. Couple grand. Spiked about 2 years ago and seems to still be holding strong. It even has its own clubhouse
  4. I feel the same. The price on even the cheap stuff i was going after like jungle comics deems to have tripled. And don't get me started on whats been happening with old magic cards.
  5. Then why bother with q reserve in the first place? Why not just start the auction at the minimum you're willing to sell at? Imo reserves are annoying as hell.
  6. I saw it. Once. In my dreams.
  7. Edit Looks like it's actually listed as sensation 2, but looking at it, it's the back cover of sensation 1. I threw 20 bucks at it, but has 7 watchers so probably go for more.
  8. Not sure if you're still looking, but I thought I saw a back cover for WW2 on ebay a few days ago.
  9. The best comic shops are dives, imo. Owner is odd, but if you plan on hitting up comic shops, you have to get used to eccentric owners. He had some gold upstairs, mostly 50's supermans, and the prices seemed a bit high. The reason to go, though, is to spend a few hours digging through the 25cent bins. Last time I was there I pulled 40 DCU variants, and a $300 batman 2nd print I flipped on ebay. Whatever you do, don't waste your time going to the comic shop down in fisherman's pier. Complete waste of time. If you go south to Oregon, there is a weird/dirty coin shop in Eugene that had
  10. Ancient city comics in Burien has some older stuff, but the real reason I go there is for his thousands of 25 cent bin comics.
  11. Id kind of like to size down a bit, but I'm lazy and the idea of trying to move 3000 or so books terrifies me
  12. Got new shelving, so I won't get crushed under a collapsed comic rack any time soon
  13. Having fun looking at these, although I don't quite understand grading new comics Now I feel I need to get the mcfarlene conan to appease the 90s kid in me.