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  1. Not sure if it counts (1946), but was based on the war.
  2. When a listing says missing centerfold, is that just the single inside page at the very middle folded in half that's gone, or could it mean missing multiple inside pages?
  3. Ditto. My sole source of income as a kid in the 80s was 25cents a week to pull in neighbors garbage cans.
  4. Saw it on here, and had to track down my own. Love the colors on this cover.
  5. I've been very happy with what I've gotten from Blissard, but it feels like everyone follows him now and the prices on his books trend high
  6. -photocopy helps bring my results page from 2-3 pages down to 1 It's mandatory on all my saved searches. To the OP, also keep in mind that any GA auction usually has several people with bid snipers tracking the auction, so you almost have to overbid unless you want to lose every book in the last 10 seconds.
  7. Frantically digging through my couch cushions to scrounge up enough
  8. I dug through my box to try a clever quip like "I see your chaos at the construction site and raise it with my Chaos in Calgary spidey", but it looks like it got thrown out in one of my purges It was a truly terrible book. I did find this, a $1.50 1993 spidey book that teaches kids to say no to drugs. I think I pulled it from a quarter box a year or two after it came out, but I feel truly sorry for any kid who paid the cover price for a book that doesnt indicate on the cover that it would be terrible. Also, it has 1990 as the date over by the marvel logo, but was published in 93. Is that odd?
  9. Actually I believe you're referring to the tpb I posted, which came out a year prior to McFarlene leaving marvel, which can only mean one thing. Marvel had a time machine There is a lot of talk about numbers etc, but has anyone actually posted up guide book values from 91/92? I see one guy posting that both 298 and 300 were $30 books as early as 91 (which is huge) and I'm more than a little skeptical that collectors were paying $30 for a book a few years after its release because it was the third book from at artist for that series. I was able to find the 1990 oversheet, but not 91 and 92. I can keep looking i guess If no one has them. I'm also curious to see the price of new mutants 87 for those years.
  10. I was able to find an online copy of oversheet from 89, and ASM 300 wasnt hot at that point. About 4 bucks mint. Trying to find 90/91/92 overhseets to see the progression.
  11. Deleted most of my post because I don't like the tone I took, but I'll just say that Alf was hot up until the 4th season, the Venom TPB was about venom regardless of how they titled it, and havok and wolvie came out in 88 and wasnt a TBP
  12. Upgraded my old copy I bought as a kid from a quarter box recently.
  13. Here is a collected Venom TPB I bought as a kid in 1992. The first edition of this TPB was 1990. In 1990, Venom was already so big that he warranted a trade paperback, which is unusual for a new villain. Back in the late 80's/early 90's, publishers werent in the habit of collecting runs in TPB like they do now, TPBs were for something special. To get his own TPB in 1990, 2 years after his introduction, shows how big he was as early as 1990. By 1992 when I finally bought the TPB, which was the most I had ever spent on a comic, I was already a huge venom fan as was everyone I knew, and there was no way I could come close to affording any of the McFarlane run. Yes, he grew bigger year by year, and by the time ASM375 hit, he was just about the hottest thing marvel had, but he was still red hot prior to that.
  14. Pretty much. People trying to push the marvel team up book or spectacular spidey is just... strange. Ive had both of those books since the early 90's, and never realized (or cared) that they predated secret wars 8.
  15. A book I have and oddly have never connected in my head to giant size marvels. Honestly didnt even know there were so many!