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  1. I knew there was a second web with a pre venom apperance! 18 is still listed in all the guides, but I dug through several recently and couldnt find mention of the second apperance in web. I was pretty sure it was 21, and spent a good 30 minutes going page by page in it trying to see if it had any venom
  2. I prefer the green, overall, but the one thing I like about the foil covers is that the word balloons blend in better. I realized a few weeks ago, scrolling through ASM covers in the 100-300 range, that in general there are a lot of stunning covers, but when viewed the word balloons distract and lessen the impact of the art. I'm at the point now where I can't not notice word balloons hiding good art and getting disappointed
  3. We almost lost a lost valley when my comic shelf fell onto it
  4. Indeed, love this cover, and it's significance. Grabbed myself a copy several months ago!
  5. \\ When I first saw this cover, I was kind of surprised. It looked to be a bold stand against McCarthyism during the height of the fever by a comic book of all things! Finally got it, and it wasn't quite what I imagined. Not a bad story by EC standards, just, not what I imagined. More a shocking twist rather than social commentary.
  6. I think you're relatively safe with this book. The price bump and market flood happened about 2 years ago, meaning ebay listings went from 0-1, to about 6ish. Go back a few pages to my post when I got my copy and you can kind of watch this in real time. The book is scarce enough and fragile enough (chipping, black cover) that I dont imagine too many raw hg copies are floating around out there, but you never know. A 9.6 taw copy of action 1 is still down south sitting in a dentist's office. As for a spec, the book already has its movie rumor bump. For itto see more substantial growth, the black knight would have to be good in the movie and be the next racoonlord, which I dont see happening. Also bear in mind people may focus more on the first apperance of the second black night. I dont think it would be a bad spec book, but there are some hurdles, of which a flood of copies to the market I believe isnt one. If you do end up with one, be sure to post it here!
  7. I think there are a fair number more than the census dictates. Not likely enough to ever flood the market, but probably more floating out there raw than graded by a decent margin. Then again I don't really know
  8. If it seems to good to be true...
  9. Stunning condition. Mines a measley 3.5, but I'd love to upgrade someday. My tip top and sparklers.
  10. Whoa, very nice. This has been on my watch list for a bit! My mail call, not as impressive
  11. I was just wondering this myself. I imagine they would advertise a new upcoming series in other books and maybe offer it in their subscription list?
  12. Very nice! I almost keep falling for the reprint some scummy seller was listing on ebay under golden age with no indication it was a reprint and a BIN high enough to make it look like the real book