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  1. Book was on a list of the top 10 hottest comics youtube series. Not a fan of the show, but it puts more eyeballs on this book I guess. https://youtu.be/SqQB1KtEubI?t=352
  2. Saucy Movie Tales December. The cover just is a bit off, no gloss and kind of wavy. Different than my other pulps. But it does have overhang. I'm almost thinking that someone tried to clean it 😆
  3. How can you tell if your pulp is an original? I've seen a few different reprints for one of mine online, and they look close. Do the reprints have the same cover overhang, or are there other identifying marks?
  4. Yah, I'm seeing more and more new collectors seeking it out on the other comic forums I frequent. 266, and that other annual he "first" appeared in.
  5. What if isnt cannon, so it's strange to consider it a 1st appearance to me
  6. Probably overpaid, but wanted the book ever since I saw it on here.
  7. I offered 100 for yours, and it auto-declined
  8. Sold for 750. Still a decent price, but quite a drop from the last sale.
  9. Not sure if it could hit 4, but wouldn't surprise me. 2000-3000 would be my guess.
  10. Another one just hit the bay, if anyone's still looking to join the club. Starting 750, looks a bit rough with some loose pages. Thinking it'll end at 1200, taking bets.
  11. Yah, it's kinda rough. I was thinking 500 on the high end. Is there a new movie rumor or something?