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  1. I want to like westerns. I really really do! So does my wallet. A photo cover western from the 50s just dies nothing for me.
  2. Over 1k now. Just crazy. I love that book, bought it as a kid, but its not something I'd want a stan sig on.
  3. Nah its cool, it cost me like a buck and its in rough shape lol. The shipping is more than the books even worth, but if you want to show it to people at shows I think that's great so you should have it.
  4. Fair enough, ill give it to ya. Might be a few weeks if thats ok, I found out I'm spending 7 days in Oregon for work now and I'm already burned out . Pm me your addy and ill try to get it in mail before I leave .
  5. Oh, and the worst part is, I can't go back to the store I bought it from and tell them. They're nice enough, but every time you leave they tell you God bless (if any of you are from yakima you'll know where I was). Most sleazy comic shop owners I know would find this hilarious, but i get the feeling they would have a different reaction.
  6. So in going through and rebagging some dollar bin books, and I flip open a spectacular spiderman 9 to see who the white tiger is, and find this. There are 3 parts in this book where the...um....ads are a little bit more risqué than I remember.
  7. I think it's time I finally let my copy go. Been sitting in a box unread for 20 years, and I'd gladly swap it out for something a lot older.
  8. On my phone do having some trouble copying image. https://www.ebay.com/itm/271176243184
  9. Does this star stamp pertain to old comics? I'm looking at a book from the early 40's, and it has a star stamp on it, which looks out of place.
  10. I suspect the cost of asm 1-3 is far more of an obstacle in collecting asm than whatever a 9.8 newstand 300 is.
  11. Wait, 7 billion people want an ASM 300? I hate to imagine, based on this theory, how much my dog is worth. There's only 1 of him D:
  12. This book is listed as scarce in oversheet. Comparing it to the other earlier popeye books in the run, it seems to fall roughly into the same numbers, unless im mistaken? CGC census shows all the popeyes up to this issue having fewer than 10 in the census, and looking at sold HA auctions, there are under 10 of each of these books (not counting resales). Is this book actually scarcer than other issues like popeye and his papa or the 2nd popeye and the jeep?
  13. I'm just curious how this even got through. Any time there's an auction I'm considering, it has 40+ followers and a small army of bid snipers
  14. And that, folks, is why you don't charge $40 to ship a few comics
  15. I mean, back in the mid 90s when I left comics for a bit, 2nd prints were worthless. Now people are grading like asm 361 2nd print and getting actual cash for it. Heck, im now actively collecting dc universe upc books. Had you told me in 92 id be actively seeking out dc comics I was getting in packs id have laughed.