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  1. Price drop on ASM Annual 1. Let’s get 2 more sold and I will list some more Silver age keys!
  2. Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 4.5 White Pages. Perfect square spine and incredible colors on this one!! Price is pretty firm on this one as I expect it to be worth 2x this pretty soon. $2650
  3. Keep the offers coming, getting close on a couple and will list others as these sell. Can’t offer payment plans at this time but can talk about other payment options and also no trades at this time. Thanks
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #20 4.5 White “To Brian-Stan Lee” written on 1st page. Any Brian’s out there? $900
  5. Amazing Spider-Man #4 4.0 Does have some writing on the book but again incredible color on this one too. SOLD
  6. Amazing Spiderman #2 Does have some minor chipping but some of the best color you will find for this book! $2500 Date stamp on BC
  7. 3 Books for sale in this thread and I may add one or two more over the next day or two. Shipping is US only at the moment and is $15. I ship using both UPS and USPS depending on destination. No HOS members Payment is Either Check or Money Order on these. Funds must clear before shipping. No returns on Slabs. If any damage occurs during shipping then we will handle through the carrier via Insurance. First wins and trumps any on going negotiating but please feel free to message me offers/details on the books and if a deal is being struck then I will place the book on
  8. Rick from Newforce posted one today on IG.....I think he goes by Gator on here.