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  1. Hi Rich - I'll take this one! ...if I am not late as usual. hope your enjoying CT. - J
  2. Sorry Rich meant yes please on Immortal Hulk. I'll take one. Immortal Hulk #17 (InHuyk Lee variant) s/s InHuyk Lee - $145
  3. HI Rich I have 682 and 684 2nd printings full Hulk NM. Is there anything coming up where you can get signatures and grading? Let me know if so who and how much you would be asking? Thank you! - J
  4. More than 2 Decades ago I had a small collection Archie, Xmen, Hulk, all of Wolverine. This gets very sad considering I took very good care of some nice ones... Left for college and came back. There was a flood in basement and comics ALL gone. Moved to AZ after Cuse... 15 years go by marriage kids... then back to central NY a few years ago. Started going to antique shops with wife and found some old and not so old comics. Started buying a bunch... Relived the old days and found my self addicted again. Missed out on the last 18 years... so What is CGC and why is it so expensive? yes noobie all over again... no I get why... but a cgc is way more. side by side an 8 is an 8 right? example: ok not going there. look forward to being back and excited again about comics. especially when now I can afford them.