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  1. I REALLY hope you pitched in the extra for a pressing. It's probably going to need it.
  2. RE: Aury If by some miracle you do manage to get an original, non copied book...DO EVERYTHING in your power to not let him see your home address and ship to it. I would almost go so far as to say you should go in to PayPal and change your address to CGCs address when you go to pay him. A mixup at CGC headquarters would be a lot easier to fix with some phone calls than getting a fresh stack of 3 artist commissions delivered to your front door in a paper padded envelope with a single backing board per comic. Ask me how I know... Keep tabs on your PayPal deadlines as well...
  3. I say 3-4 mostly joking. This was actually done at C2E2 before everything fell apart, so it's had a long ride. I've already got an email in to CGC about it.
  4. I thought I'd post this one I got in this morning since I probably won't see it again for another 3-4 months. Mirka Andolfo Deadpool. If you look closely you can see bits of paper (grader's paperwork?) floating around between the book and case. There's one smack dab in the middle and one on bottom. I contemplated just shaking it to the bottom so I wouldn't have to send it back in right now. It won't budge though. 🙁
  5. They should really get rid of the current turnaround times page on the website. Especially if they're going to continue to do the in-house signings that take priority over other submissions. I've watched the "working days" amount come and go without my books moving out of received. At least update the times to reflect the growing workload.
  6. How does not seeing the signature make it a non SS book? The signature is still there.
  7. They won’t do it, for in house signings at least.
  8. I read one of the prerequisites for sending to in house signings is a window bagged book. Is it possible to NOT get a sig on a cover, but on a splash page during an in house signing? Obviously it wouldn’t be wise to bend the front cover back and window bag the first page.
  9. Has anyone ever requested a signature be put on the splash page for modern books? How does CGC handle this? How do artists usually handle this? I was thinking of sending a book in to one of the in house signings, but frankly I don’t want black scribbles across the front of the artwork. I know CGC wants window bags to save time, but that wouldn’t be possible with an inside signature. Would they just reject it as a submission or?
  10. Vampironica by Gorkem Demir Laura Braga Homage
  11. I took this while in the middle of planting 5 rows of vegetables in the garden today. It was a spur of the moment thought to get good pic in sunlight. Thanks for the advice though. Unfortunately I don't.
  12. I've been waiting on this book since last year. It was my first submission with pressing and grading and I didn't know any better about fast track or CCS turnaround time. I just got it in Friday and it comes back a 9.6. Of course no grader notes. Iturn it around to look at the back and I see a nice dimple underneath the hard plastic. It looks like someone dropped a sharp point on the inner plastic and dented it, as well as the book. I was going to try to sell this, but now I really don't want to with knowing that's on the back What options do I have? I'm sure there's really no chance for 9.8 now.
  13. If you send a book with a major defect, missing marvel coupon, missing page, etc. Can you choose between a low grade blue label and and higher qualified green? Or are there situations that dictate it will always be one and not the other?
  14. I think I’ve translated and answered. Idk. You can send the comics to them using any carrier you like...USPS, FedEx, or UPS. Also...just because you sent them using a particular service, you don’t have to use that one for the return. As long as you do all of the paperwork right, they will return ship using whatever carrier you chose on the submission paperwork.