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  1. It looks like a simple description error - it's a Glenn Fabry complete DD issue. Has anyone pointed out the error to Heritage? I imagine they'll fix it quickly with no fuss.
  2. If the black hole collector has now sold a piece, then it sounds like you've opened a black hole. Congrats on doing that and hopefully more toys for the rest of us to enjoy! And of course, congrats on such a fine page. A fine example. Simon
  3. Any guesses by anyone as to how many strips are out in the wild? Or do we know many pieces in the Billy Ireland collection and therefore not out there?
  4. Flip or shill? "Sold" at 6.1k BIN/Best offer listing at 10k with the exact same title/description
  5. Hi Folks, I'm going to be making a rare con appearance at C2E2 (arriving Friday Saturday, leaving Sunday and only Saturday at the con) and was curious who else might be attending. I've never been to the con so any suggestions would be appreciated! Also, I will be bringing a portfolio of odds and ends I would be open to selling/trading, and some goodies I'm selling on behalf of Mike Allred ( so feel free to message me if you want to try and say hi. Best Simon Miller
  6. yeah! Thanks @BCarter27 for putting this together.
  7. Ah, Google, why didn't I think of you a few seconds earlier: So maybe it's just this book that was done digitally, but I don't know if he stayed that way.
  8. I believe based on the silent auctions that his rep (Mark Hay/ has run that he has indeed gone to the dark side and is mostly digital now. The auction I'm thinking of was for the first splash from the Damned book and it noted that only some of the pages (pieces?) were done traditionally. I can't see the post on the site now, sorry.
  9. This reminds me a lot of Tony Harris Starman art - great stuff
  10. Agreed. And this is already a series that has reached high numbers historically and stayed there for some time. There was talk of a movie for a long time before the TV thing and I don't think that caused a change in pricing. For me the Vess price was high, but for someone else seeing it as a Gaiman-Vess page and with a instantly recognizable Sandman on it, maybe it's reasonable or only some level of over-priced. I'd personally love to have it, but not at that number sadly.