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  1. I've had Robert Dennis work on a few pieces and been very happy with what he did. No complaints here. He's given me a quote detailing what he would do for the art and then answered any follow up questions I had.
  2. I think they've been going high for a while and no doubt it's one of those things where there are X pages of DD in costume, Y with in him action, etc. I'm sure this one has a way to go yet. I wish I still had my DD/Bullseye page but parted with it long ago...
  3. Do we know who the seller was, and why the sale has been made public?
  4. It's worth stating that they are a rep and likely informed on pricing by their artists. So yes, if a piece sets a new price point or the artist simply wants more for their art, then that can be what happens.
  5. This has to be could commission Steve for a fraction of the offer(s) made. Shill offers. Wow. What a hobby.
  6. I just bought a piece from Mark and it was a great experience. Great communication, packaging, and of course, art!
  7. I managed to liberate a Buscema penciled and inked page!
  8. Thanks for doing this @BCarter27! I don't take part in the CAF event as it's normally the museum-quality (= dollars) pieces that win out, bit this one is a nice level(ish) playing field so I'm in, and posted!
  9. UNPUBLISHED Willumsen - Hellboy Wolves of Saint August alternate splash commission
  10. Shoot me a DM if you're interested in the attached Fabry Slaine page. Good luck!
  11. Didn't a collector buy all of a Giffen Legion story over multiple issues not so long ago? And then decades before that the Kraven's Last Hunt was complete only until recent times. So I think the real question here is where it might up, more than a multi-issue sale.
  12. Hi All, I'm in the market for a John Buscema Wolverine page, preferably with Al Williamson inks. Please should me a DM if you have something you would be open to discussing. Thanks! Simon