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  1. Last week I got a one-page Jack B. Quick story written by Alan Moore with masterful art by Kevin Nowlan. Obviously, beyond it being a Moore/Nowlan collaboration, it's also hand-lettered in Kevin's distinctive style so words on a page so you can actually read it! Feel free to share your own one-page stories if you've got them, or ones you would like (images please!).
  2. I do not, sadly. @jjonahjameson1 may have some idea though.
  3. And a side by side with the published image, just for fun (and to save three of you from doing it).
  4. That seems a perfect lead-in for me to contribute my example to this topic. A mostly pencils Dale Keown Hulk 369 cover. I've thought about getting someone to blueline ink it but never got beyond that. Bob McLeod would be the obvious choice as he was one of the early run inkers. If anyone has unpublished Keown Hulk pages/covers, I'd definitely be interested. Not the pre-run stuff I'm afraid.
  5. Yeah, I heard the guy ended up in an asylum shortly after it shipped from Canada.
  6. I can follow that Hulk with another Hulk appreciation post. Favourite Hulk artist, favourite moment within a story. I also picked up the page before, and after this, so a three page sequence too. But this one would stay to the end of days.
  7. Size. Large than twice up art is so difficult to store. I've since got two large flat file draws so I can drop everything in there, but even so...
  8. Hi Folks, I just added two exceptional oversized painted pieces for sale. Pricing and photos below for you. As noted in the links, I'm not opposed to offers or trade, but a wins the day. A 17" by 24" Brian Stelfreeze Batman Tales of the Demon trade paperback cover SOLD, and a 15.5" by 22" Wrightson Spider-Man Hooky page SOLD.
  9. This is correct. I could set up 18 pieces for myself, and then 6 for each artists I represent, and then offer commissions for the artist too.
  10. Centimeters? What are those?
  11. I just dropped my prices by $1-200 on most pieces. I'll add free shipping to anyone on the board too!
  12. Mr Bamber, I think it's fair to say that isn't a market price, more a "make it so I can't say no/make me rich" price. I'd guess at ~$40k for the cover in the real world, but that's with an off-the-top-of-my-head number, no research.