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  1. Letterer extraordinaire talks about working for DC and being asked to extend the art for Neal Adams pages as the art was drawn at the wrong size. Interesting reading as it shows why lettering was moved on the original board in the days before digital. Enjoy!
  2. I've come across a few artists selling art there, but only via their own sites/social media. I haven't found a good way to browse original comic art in general at their site. I bought some art recently from Iam Macewan ( and also from an indie guy Josh Pettinger (, no art up right now, but you can buy his self-published book).
  3. Would you rather... Have 5 pages by an A list artist Or 1 cover by that same A list artist for an A list title? Essentially, if you could "trade up" pages for a cover, what would be the magic number?
  4. Another question/thread could be "Should a dealer/rep write on the art in the first place?" Modern, bronze, copper, silver age, etc - they're seen differently. It's ok to write in the margin of a modern piece and we think nothing of it, but if that was done on a silver age piece, I think there would be an uproar. I for one erase the prices on a modern piece when I get them. On old (i.e., not modern) pieces, I leave them there and smile (cry) when I see them. I might consider doing things differently based on this thread.
  5. Well if that isn't one of the coolest things ever. I would have loved to have seen how a page can be removed/put back, but it's majestic. Congrats on doing that.
  6. John Paul Leon Earth X DPS September 15 2019, sold at $1080, plus shipping/taxes Now on CAF at $2,500, 2 weeks later
  7. I've had a couple of pages from the run, and they didn't have this blue tint to them. It makes me think that these are blueline inks over a scan of the pencils. I'd pass on it without getting artist confirmation it's legit.
  8. Bump for the actions! Note that the McKeever auction was ended. It was a piece of art that came, unexpectedly, in a package with another art and I couldn't track down the owner. Well, the owner reached out today so it'll be going to him after many years of being away. Thanks for looking! Simon
  9. I hear you. Well, assuming your library has a website, they have access to digital resources including things like OverDrive* and Hoopla, which have comics. I personally don't read comics digitally, but I know lots of folks do. *Disclaimer, I work for OverDrive.
  10. Got a library card? I bet your local library has it, physically or even digitally.
  11. Finally, it's hard to get a better Death than one drawn by Bachalo and Buckingham.
  12. Though this Nowlan Vertigo Jam page is perfection too...even if it doesn't meet the original posters requirements!
  13. I started reading Sandman during the Kindly Ones (talk about being late to the party!) so this is a perfect example for me.