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  1. Thanks! And nope, there are limits to my insanity. I’ll let you know when I find them.
  2. Ah, this is more of what I wanted to know and understand. The $250 asking price was definitely high up against those names so in relative terms, Mike was charging a premium for his art. Thanks Lee!
  3. I've tended to skip posting about art days in recent times but the below piece I got yesterday is special enough for me to want to shout about it. A top shelf Mike Mignola Hellboy page, battling a werewolf. Hand lettered art. BOOM punches. Great big panels, all circa 1994. And of course, the kicker - the hand written original price of $250 on it. Sad to say, that isn't what I paid for it, nor can you double or treble etc that to get it from me, thanks for the offer though. It does raise an interesting question though - what art could you have bought in 1994 for $250? A Byrne FF page maybe? A Miracleman page by Davis or Totleben? Most likely just about any Sandman page that was out there....what else? My collecting started around 2000 or 2001 and I was too stupid to gain any sort of collecting focus until a couple of years later. Enjoy the art! Simon
  4. Thanks, and oops on including the Abe piece there too. I deleted it from my original post.
  5. And here is my new page: Not to make it complete click-bait, it's Mignola Wolves of St. August. Hellboy fighting a werewolf.
  6. Yeah, go to this page: As I said, I feel like it could be better integrated and matches included in search results in some meaningful way. Right now the page I linked above is in the "Art for sale" navigation bar.
  7. I today received a piece that touches on things here. I was offered a piece that was well above what I would normally consider as a viable piece for me (more than 2x my previous largest page purchase). I baulked at the idea of purchasing it initially, not because it was overpriced, just over my purchase threshold. But then other things started to fall in to line and now the page is mine. I, as others have talked about, didn't go in to debt for the piece, I just got the guy to allow me time to put things together before I could make the purchase. Here is me right now:
  8. I just sold a batch of art to folks by specifically looking at the wish lists and then reaching out to folks. I know I didn't gouge on my pricing and if I did try high, I expect that most would have knocked me back due to that. I do wish CAF did a better job of integrating the wish list matches with the full site to help them rise up more. To me they are an easily overlooked part of a CAF display.
  9. Slightly, yes. Again though, I don't think it adds to it. I'm curious to see more comments though.
  10. Get him to sign it on the skull. Nice and prominent. Seriously though, I would do it for a page on a story written by an author, but not for a pinup that wasn't from an issue they wrote. I don't think it would detract from it value-wise unless it was horribly placed, but I don't think it's anything that adds to it. It is, of course, your piece so if you like the idea of it, I wouldn't say it's wrong at all.
  11. Cool, thank you for ending that dream! His art is so very lush and appealing to me.
  12. A wait for a commission, or a published/unpublished piece? I wasn't thinking commission, just what his illustrations go for when buying direct from him.
  13. Can someone educate me on what Mark would charge for a piece these days, published or unpublished?