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  1. I'm curious how folks are using CAT. To this point I simply have keyword alerts going off and have limited to dealers/sites I care to get updates from. It sounds like people are going to the site daily and browsing the new listings like many of us do CAF but I could be wrong.
  2. I do have some Dan Hipp magnets around here some place...
  3. I have Mike Allred's inks over Nick Derington's bluelines if you're interested in those. Shoot me a message here or through my site if you're interested. Best Simon
  4. HAHA! Well, I either won't be putting the wheels on, or the cabinet will be in an awkward location that wheels won't make it easier to move it around. The lock just means little hands can't get in to it.
  5. In my online searching I did manage to find the below draw cabinet which should do nicely for my modern heavy collection. Maybe I'll augment with the portfolios I already have, and then some larger ones I just bought for my oversized pieces. Worst case I find a different use for it around the house, but it looks sharp and has the bonus of a lock on it.
  6. I don't know what top loaders are, to be honest. I drop them in bags/mylers, and then flat after that.
  7. So what is the current record for a Jim Lee cover and how much do we think this will blow that away?
  8. Thanks for all the posts here. I'd love to see, and get links for, more storage set ups. Draws and the like. For those storing everything in portfolios, you blow my mind. I have my art in alpha order, by artist then title, issue, etc. If you're dropping art in to a portfolio, that seems like an OCD nightmare of managing it all.
  9. This is definitely the kind of thing I was looking for examples of, thank you!
  10. Ha! You mean to say I've started a new topic on something that has already been talked about a lot? Next you'll be saying there is a thread about Coollinesart.
  11. Yes, aesthetics, but also space. The flat files are extremely wide so I'm very limited on where I can put them. The Ikea draws above, for example, could go in to a closet if not outside in a room generally.
  12. Pictures and buy links please, but how do you store your art collection? Do you do something different for large or small pieces? I know folks use safes and portfolios, and that @ESeffinga is going to have a masterful storage set up, but I'd love to see how folks keep their art in general. I was keeping mine in large metal flat files but want a different, more accessible, solution. I have a collection in the hundreds of pieces, so that is a factor for me too. I'd love something like this, but my wife, love her to bits, objects to the price: Also, anyone in the Cleveland area interested in two large metal flat files, message me!