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  1. Finally broke down and jumped on the podcast bandwagon. (My commute was always so short, I never had the time to listen.) This was the first thing I downloaded. As someone who can't get to a lot of cons, so I don't have the opportunity to "talk shop" with other collectors, this is the next best thing. And those videos are great as well. Keep it up, Felix!
  2. Drug my feet and missed out on the two I wanted. I thought I could wait until after Christmas, but collecting doesn't take a day off for the holidays!
  3. The thread on trying to put together a complete book prompted me to create a post. I'm always looking for pages from X-Factor #52 (and potentially other issues right around there) by Terry Shoemaker. The issue features a fight between Archangel and Sabretooth. I am specifically looking for pages from the big fight, but am interested in others as well. If you've got any collecting dust in you portfolio, shoot me a msg.
  4. Catwoman commissions? Oh, I have a few ... A nice pencil sketch by Adam Hughes. And a full con sketch by Adam. (This was drawn right before he was announced as the Catwoman cover artist.) A full commission by Cameron Stewart. I've got a few others (Gaydos, Texeria, Noto, Lark ...) on my CAF page.
  5. After years of owning the prelim and wondering where the final art was, this is finally up on my wall. Thanks, ComicLink! Ultimate War #3 page 23 by Chris Bachalo and Tim Townsend
  6. I've never met Tony, but I've picked up a couple of his pieces second-hand over the years. The man does great work.
  7. Nabbed the only "must have" in the auction for me. Really glad the artists I like fly just below radar.
  8. I'm on the hunt for a nice published piece by James O'Barr's "The Crow." (Original series. Not the spin-offs.) I'm looking for a nice story page, but will also consider published pinups.
  9. Long-term tubing is probably not ideal. You'll end up with Perma-roll. I have a flat file that I use for storage of my 24x36 prints. Before I had one of those (or room for one of those) I stored prints in a foamcore sandwich that I stored flat under my bed. You can get bags large enough for 24x36. I buy mine here. (Though I don't have many bagged. Just the pricey ones.)
  10. I went last year and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of art available. Much of it in Artist's Alley. Wish I'd made the drive down this weekend ...
  11. Man, I wish I'd known about that gallery show back in the day. I might have had a chance at grabbing something.
  12. They don't come up often. (Just the same ones over and over again.) And when they do, they go pretty quickly.