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  1. The last paragraph was specifically for you. I look forward to meeting you in person one day.
  2. I turned around and I was being hit by Non-Fungible Tokens. The first instance was a livestream by Jim Lee earlier this month. Then a plethora of announcements this week from Christies, followed closely by Essential Sequential and Felix Comic Art. Most of us are fuddy duddies about the digital art aspect and I get it. But look closely at proof of ownership. This is the essence of what blockchain was supposed to be. I remember when BTC/LTC/ETH etc first ‘flared up’ in the public eye. This is like that, with the fervor and vigor behind it, but also backed by ‘the man’ and ‘the machine’ (bo
  3. Beautiful cover Scott! It could also be that Stewart, no matter how deserving, gets leap-frogged like Prince Charles (wrong time) and someone like Far Sector's (DC Young Animals but Jemisin is writing some fantastic stuff) Lantern Jo Mullein could be the one to connect with the Miles/GwenPool/Silk generation. Getting back to Miles, he was definitely in the right place at the right time. There were a lot of compelling reasons for Mile's emergence - particularly Donald Glover's spirited love for the character and Glover asking the question 'why couldn't I be Spider-Man". As a non-caucasian
  4. My children are going to be FINE with community college or vocational school. God willing, HVAC install and repair 🤞🤞🤞
  5. I’m mid-40s and buying mid 80s to current OA. Here’s my current pull list more or less. I’m clearly a Big 2 guy but I am trying (and finding) great material outside them too. 2 stand outs are Dept of Truth (Tynion/Simmonds and much more unique than Batman) and Something is Killing The Children. Cheers. The Clock Undiscovered Country Dept of Truth Marvels Marvels X Wolverine Giant Size X-Men Marauders New Mutants X-Factor X-Men X-Men + Fantastic Four Hawkeye Freefall The Rise of Kylo Ren Spider-Man (Abrams) Str
  6. Hey guys. I got a monster package in from Annabel. Enjoy! I’ll add the pieces when I’ve scanned them
  7. Galactus and the Silver Surfer - courtesy Mr Lee.
  8. They say he has a version of Tourette’s that does not allow him to lie.
  9. I’ll second this. If you Google/YouTube there are lots of demos. Good, thick watercolor paper can take quite a lot of water but err on the side of less. Heavy books after and repeat the process many times - eventually it will flatten. Your second challenge is to maintain the new shape. Over time, without pressure, the paper will likely return to the warped state. Good luck!
  10. I presume everyone saw the result of the auction on the Tradd Moore unpublished piece. Valid speculation has a SSB cover selling for 50k. I wonder what even a “C” page would go for (though in my experience Tradd doesn’t produce C pages).
  11. better pics available! https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1690572&GSub=211436
  12. Here’s a fun complete story. Modern but channeling the past. I particularly like that it also includes the lettering.