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  1. Rest easy, I didn't bid after seeing your post. I found your post after the fact when I wanted to post about the whole experience.
  2. Did you guys see all the stuff from the estate of 'Rob Lubber' up on the HA site for this Feb auction?
  3. If it even shows up. The tracking number the guy sent me just shows it stuck in the UK. And certainly I'll have no incentive to pay anything in customs tax, so I'll refuse delivery if that's the case.
  4. The customs guy didn't say it was a fake, but the questions he was asking definitely suggested that they had considered it. He did tell me "we do know this artist" (i.e. Jack Kirby). Their main issue was that the piece was invoiced at a value of $4.
  5. Yes everything through eBay messenger. He doesn't admit it's a fake.
  6. Hey everyone. I was tracking this and I was also very curious so I purchased the Hulk just to see. The buyer accepts returns and my plan was to have it assessed here in Boston. I did some internet research of course and saw another website in German that also calls out the Thor piece. Anyway, after I won I contacted the seller to follow up on shipping. Immediately the language of the reply was markedly different from the listing in grammar/syntax. After a week I followed up and the seller says “Below are the tracking info of the item you purchased from me, due to christmas shipping rush, your item has been rerouted from uk,i apologize for the inconvenince this may have cuased you.” So now I’m really curious. Shipping from Canada via the UK? I gave him a 5% benefit of the doubt because shipping over the holidays was absolutely insane, and I had a lot of other mail that was heavily delayed. A week later I get a call from UK customs. Was I expecting anything? I blanked for a moment and then remembered this piece and filled the guy in. He tells me that they’ve opened the mail because it was invoiced at $4 and it shipped from PAKISTAN. The was the customs guy was speaking, I could tell they thought it was a fake (IMO). I contacted the seller and told him the jig is up and please cancel and refund, which he did after asking me not to inform eBay. I received the refund today. PayPal name was Robert Lubber. Curiouser and curiouser...