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  1. Topic was started before the 💩 hit the fan. Back when we thought it was transmitted by dirty socks.
  2. This is so striking. Every time I’m scrolling past I have to spend a moment looking at it.
  3. We’re all thinking it - “Will the artists use this isolation time to catch up on some (*COUGH* LONG *COUGH*) overdue commission?”
  4. It’s was Tier A2 so it fell away for the A1 stuff (for me), but it was close. I love that last panel particularly.
  5. Hey congrats on this. I’m glad I didn’t go after it more vigorously and that it ended up in a good home.
  6. Congrats. I always love a running Snoopy. Beautiful early example.
  7. Hot off the heels of Clink and Heritage and ECCC going down the drain, I thought it might Nice to organize an evening of art and conversation. If you’re in the Boston area and interested in sharing/talking about comic art, PM me and I’ll get something together.
  8. I once wrote to a dealer, and everything is true, saying “I would like X piece. <insert gush here> Is there any chance you would accept $Y? I had a similar (cover from the same series/artist) piece that I recently offered to someone who inquired at $Y. It was rejected, but out of respect I’ll buy X piece from you at the same price, if that is acceptable.” We were able to work a deal.
  9. I just let go of a piece I did not anticipate selling for many, many years. I reached out to someone on CAF about one of their pieces, and they responded with a trade offer (+cash) that was so strong that I agreed. I like dealing with Premium members who update their galleries regularly as a sort of ‘safety net’ vis-à-vis ‘who ships first’ - I’ve never had a problem.
  10. I was very sad to lose the Ultimate Iron Man 2 cover due to poor bidding on my part.
  11. Delirium commission just in by David Mack. pre-Bologna. Joke background art for his Batman #50 variant cover.
  12. So definitely nothing you regret. That sounds pretty good.