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  1. Really nice piece, congrats. And it lead me to your Asterix which is really incredible!
  2. Nothing covering the art. I did think about alternate pages of vellum between the artwork, but it turned out to me not necessary because the mat frames keep the art quite far apart from each other, and it’s also nice to see two pages side by side without the overlay. Also, Nick Derington shared that Chip Kidd has done something similar in the past.
  3. The DPS at the top, of The surfer burrowing into Ego, has 12 separate depictions of the Surfer. Amazing!
  4. Haha, I took what I could get! I think everyone who picked up a whole issue is a winner, and anyone who gets any page of issue 4 is equally lucky. I can’t even imagine what 5 is going to be like! I do like that this does stand a bit apart - it’s amazingly legible as a story without the words, with the only difficult transition being his awakening on Ego. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. I had the idea to do this and I was very fortunate to get my damn hands on this artwork. It's absolutely gorgeous and very suited to this kind of presentation. The book is quarter bound in black leather and the rest is clothbound. While the book is structurally sound, it is extremely heavy so it's advisable to never lay it completely flat open, but instead prop up the covers. I worked with a bookbinder from NBSS in Boston, the nation's oldest trade school and an incredible place for continuing ed. The end paper is hand marbled Himalayan 100% cotton rag. Everything is archival. Each page held in an enclosure by fit only, and they can be removed individually from the top. I've attached the scans below. Enjoy! Special thanks to Felix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGzYUU3WIFQ&feature=youtu.be
  6. Exactly what I told Sal. Really can’t argue with someone buying complete - and next time I’ll know what to do (mortgage house, buy OA).
  7. Was this the one in the “keep” mailer? I saw someone try to mix it back into gen pop. I was digging that page too. 4 times I went to the table he wasn’t there. D’oh!
  8. In retrospect I would have boxed. 9 per side. Helps the artist too.
  9. I made a purchase. Followed up my internet request with a phone call. Mailed a check and got my art.
  10. https://www.societyillustrators.org/events/meadows-mastercomics looks highly awesome and what an incredible panel! Not technically a part of NYCC. Separate ticket required. Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire, Eight), Bill Sienkiewicz (Legion TV show,Elektra Assassin), Yuko Shimizu (The Unwritten, New York Times) and Walter Simonson(Ragnarok, Thor, Manhunter), Dan Panosian (cover artist 100 Bullets, The Punisher),and Dave Johnson (artist, X-Men, Logan) talking about their working practices and their studios.
  11. Colleen is Amazing. Did you see any of the commissions she did for NY? Incredible stuff. I also picked up a page from Snow Glass Apple.
  12. Hang over commission from FanExpo Boston but definitely worth the wait! Inhyuk Lee.
  13. Tex was doing some great stuff - I’d hit him up today.