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  1. I know there a "new" cases, but I do not know the difference. There was the small grade in middle of label (I think that was first) There was the Large grade on left but page quality in middle There is large grade with page quality under grade (newest???) Is that how to tell...or are there other versions with minor differences to look out for as well
  2. Thanks for the info all. By my count I got a "Yes", "No" and a "Maybe so". I'll be safe and say it is label swapped. I do not think it is worth resubmitting...if I think it is a 9.2 then it will cost me more ot send it in for regrading. I'll just break it open and sell it raw. This changes my plans on buying more graded books. :-( I guess I will stick with raw and have them graded myself Thanks again for your opinions
  3. New to the forums...if this should be somewhere else. let me know. I bought a collection a while ago, it came with a single CGC 9.6 Captain Marvel #31. My first slabbed comic. I decided to sell it today and as I was taking pics, I noticed a crack at the top post in both corners. The cracks seem to be on the inside of the case. Now as I look closer...seems to be a slight crack along the top edge. According to CGC Verify, the label was made (book graded) 10/2013. I do not know the different slab styles to know what generation slab it is. I can provide more pics if necessary.