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  1. I understand your reasoning and it is sound. I’m the complete opposite from you. Always enjoyed DC over Marvel. And I feel that now is the best time to buy into DC keys, while the spotlight is still on Marvel. I just have this feeling that the drought from DC won’t last forever, wishful thinking probably. Either way, what a time to be alive to see these heroes brought to life.
  2. I’m most definitely gonna get flamed for saying this but: Detective Comics 73- low grade and probably my choice Marvel Family 1- low grade Showcase 22 Detective Comics 225 Action Comics 242 Flash 123 Justice league of America 21 Adventure comics 247 Brave and the Bold 28 or 34 Flash 105 or 110 Just a few suggestions from the other side😉, you can pickup a couple on this list and have money left over. If your stuck on Marvel? IH 181 , Wolverine in the mcu will be insane!!
  3. I respect that, your reasoning seem sound. Unlike some CGC loyalists on this site.
  4. I would really prefer a company that would just check for restoration, removal of restoration, pressing, witness signature, verify signature etc etc. Slab the book, write a detailed description and that’s it. Leave the grade between seller and buyer. But that’s just me. I would use that company any day of the week for my pc or to sell. I haven’t tried the other company yet but I’m not against using them.
  5. Save the $500 wait until the president drops that $1,400 in your lap, go out and buy you a big boy book.
  6. Nice, good luck. I have my eyes set on a certain golden age grail that hopefully I can pick up by end of yr.
  7. Last sold was $450, the high is $800. You might get more or less because of the manufactured error. Best of luck
  8. And please “collectors” keep the spotlight on the Marvel “keys” and pokemon cards. So that the DC keys can stay affordable, especially the silver and gold. Thank you and God bless.
  9. I can’t believe I didn’t grab a 9.8 or 9.6 copy before now.
  10. Key collector comics owns at least the moderns heating up thread.
  11. Nope didn’t get a notion on anything. They added cameo appearance for Jessica Cruz on Green Lantern 20 and the only thing that book had was her first name and right fist. But Yara’s full body imagine gets nothing. Gotta love CGC
  12. Both started slow track, had them both bumped to fast.
  13. It shipped but lord Jesus those grades, my heart
  14. I caved and paid for fast track, instantly bumped to SFG.
  15. I’m enjoying the newer episodes but this show has taught me to wait until the season is over. So i can binge watch. So that’s why I’ll be skipping falcon/winter soldier.
  16. For submission: 3782448 For book Green Lantern 25, when they go over the Saint Walker request, the first image is from GL 25, what I was trying to describe on the note. The second is just an regular image search for Saint Walker for reference. Nothing is guaranteed but I wanted to clarify what I was saying on the note for that particular book. Thanks.
  17. A nice copy of Showcase 22 or decent copy of Sensation Comics 6
  18. I should’ve paid the extra ten dollar fee