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  1. Okay, so I will make this short and sweet. I am not going to say who I am, don't ask. DO NOT SUBMIT BOOKS THROUGH PARADISE COMICS. The owner does not submit your books at the end of each month like you're being told. He keeps them, while using the fees you pay to pay of a LARGE DEBT that he owes to CGC. That's a ponzi scheme, folks. And this is the reason books are taking 6 months to over a year to come back from grading, when CGC's turnaround is far less than that. Because they will not process the books that have already been submitted until he pays them for the services, and the books that are being submitted more recently are not being sent in until months after you've submitted them. This has been going on for at least 2 years now. There are other things being done, that everyone should be aware of. Yes, he swaps out your higher grade comics for lower grades, if he feels he can sell the higher grade comic quickly himself. Do NOT leave collections with him. He will swap out any high grade, good issues for lower grade before returning the collection to you. There are customers getting lawyers involved now, because he hasn't returned their CGC books to them in over a year. The main offense here is the Ponzi scheme. If you give him money, he is using it to pay off debts he owes to CGC and other vendors. DO NOT SUBMIT BOOKS THROUGH PETER AT PARADISE COMICS.