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  1. All the ones you posted are great, but I love this Zeck piece!
  2. Just got my first ever commission in today. I grew up with Bagley's Spider-man in the early 90s and since then he's always been my favorite artist. All I asked for was Spidey and Venom - everything else was up to him. I'm ecstatic with what I got:
  3. He died a few years after the book came out, so it is possible that it's his signature. No clue if it actually is, though.
  4. Picked this one up today. I've got it at an 8.5 right now, but I think a clean and press could get it up to 9.4.
  5. Walking Dead 1, ASM 361, Nyx 3, Batman: Harley Quinn, Saga 1
  6. It could also be that the image you posted is way too busy and also too hard to see the art on the comics themselves. I'm not one for liking things on Facebook, but between the two if I had to give out a single like it would be the tpb image.
  7. I'll just throw it out there that if any other board member is feeling generous I'd love it for a very good price as well. 😊
  8. Glad everything went smooth. Still surprised it went as high as it did, but that's good for you. 😊
  9. To be fair, Apple renewed all of their launch shows before any of them even aired. That doesn't really say much about See on its own. I may check out an episode or two to see if it clicks for me.
  10. I'm surprised to see so much positivity about this show here - it's literally the only place I've seen that. Ars called it a "masturbatory disaster" in a link to this review. Is it really worth a watch?
  11. I'm a bit confused with this auction for ASM Renew Your Vows 1. When I first saw it I thought I'd keep an eye on it to see if I could get a deal on a 9.6, since the last couple of universal 9.6s went for around $100. But it's already over $200. So I looked up the last SS 9.6, and it ended at about $250, and the one before that ended at $384! Since when did Campbell's signature command that much more than a non-signed book? Especially for a 9.6?
  12. Black Cat Strikes is still for sale on his site. Only signed, though. Selling for about $100 on Ebay.