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  1. Got the UF4 second print for a steal, but the All-New Spider-Man made up for it. It was still in the poly bag, so I took a gamble on it. Turns out it has some pretty big spine ticks that break color. Ah well, can't win 'em all.
  2. I agree 100% - a standard blue label is what I would get. But between the two character labels Venom is the easy choice.
  3. Got this last year. I'm thinking it's time for an upgrade...
  4. IMO the current Venom label looks way better than the Deadpool label.
  5. Cover date for me is ASM 228, book on the shelf was ASM 231. Neither of them are all that desirable, but I prefer the cover to 228. I think Daredevil 182 is the most iconic cover for my birthday book, but otherwise May '82 was pretty unremarkable.
  6. I think the prices are higher because of the hype around Punchline (which I don't understand at all, but whatever). The A cover for $15 isn't too bad for his store, but $40 each for B & C is a bit ridiculous. I bet they still sell it out, though.
  7. I've had three orders with them that were fine, although they did all take longer to ship than any other store I've ever purchased from. My last order was placed in February, and I stupidly included a pre-order book. But that book was released 3 weeks ago and I still have no info on my order. Last purchase I'll make from them for sure.
  8. I have a few just for display purposes, but I don't collect them. They're good enough for cheap little figures that I can put out in my office. With the sheer quantity of Pops that exist I couldn't even imagine trying to collect them. I think you mean Skottie Young.
  9. So wait - did they take the titles 100% digital, or just the issues? Is Ghost Spider 10 waiting for me at my LCS right now?
  10. My Venom 25 1:100 just came in. Bagley's art from this era is what I think of whenever I think Spidey, Venom, or Carnage, so it was an instant buy from me. Love it!
  11. Getting grader's notes on a 9.8 while here I am trying to figure out why I didn't get grader's notes on a 9.2. CGC confuses the hell out of me sometimes.
  12. How does that work? Why even have a pre-screen service if it doesn't do what you pay for?
  13. 2 of them are ASM variants, so I can probably offload them pretty easily: Also got an Amazing Mary Jane that I already had: The most disappointing ones for me were these two: I actually love the Black Cat cover, but it's just the retail cover with a signature on it. The Phoenix Resurrection is a duplicate from the last mystery box I did, with the signature appearing in just a slightly different place. This is the only one I received that I didn't already own: Not a book I normally collect but I'll hold onto it for now. So if I can at least average $20 each for the other books I can break even on the whole thing.
  14. Only way to get it verified is a red label from Voldemort. Otherwise you'd get a qualified (green) label from CGC.