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  1. I've got a few books that I'll only have for sale this weekend - they're heading out for consignment on Tuesday if they don't sell. Prices are listed alongside the books below, and the price includes shipping via UPS. Feel free to PM me offers, but a "take it" in the thread trumps PMs. If you would rather ship another way I can accommodate but will charge the actual shipping amount you select. Payment via PayPal is preferred, and no returns on slabs. None of these were pressed. Okay onto the goods: Venom 26 Inhyuk Lee Convention Variant $350 The white dot on the forehead was on the scanner bed, not the book itself. I can take another scan/photo if needed. Strange Academy 1 Peach Momoko Comic Mint Variant $300 Strange Academy 1 Skottie Young Variant $250 Usagi Yojimbo 10 Peach Momoko SDCC Variant $500 Sleeping Beauties 1 Peach Momoko SDCC Variant $250
  2. I really like the J. Scott Campbell cover. Feels like a return to some of his older work:
  3. Only if there actually are graders notes. I've had a 9.2 and a 9.4 come back with no notes before. Biggest difference I had come back was a book I thought was a 9.4 or even a 9.6 come back as an 8.5. Turns out I sent in the wrong copy of the book, and the NM one was still in the bag in my short box. Oh well.
  4. I may have to give up on my quest to own every cover of the series. As it gets more popular there are bound to be more store variants, which is something the first 10 issues haven't really had outside of issue 1. I'll definitely be picking up the Peach cover, though - incredible work!
  5. Welp just got sniped out of a copy I was hoping to get, so I'm still looking for this.
  6. This may be the most Comic Book Guy argument I've seen around here. Also the answer is yes, subsequent printings still contain the first appearance of a character in that story. It's just not the first time that story has been printed.
  7. Probably when they throw them in the $1 bin in a couple of days. 😂
  8. Modern Fast Track, 5 books, 1 submission (but two invoices since one is a character label): Delivered 8/13 Received 8/18 Scheduled for Grading 8/19
  9. This one isn't bad because of the amount of rings, but the placement just sucks:
  10. I've got a submission that was delivered on 8/13 and just showed up as received today. It is a fast track and the box was marked as such.
  11. Also the C&O "bloody knife" version just sold for $300 in a 9.8 last night in an MCS auction: https://www.mycomicshop.com/search?ItemID=51514383 Only issue I still need is the incentive variant of #6.
  12. The RRP is the "Retailers Roundtable Promotion", which is what I referred to as the Diamond Retailer edition. I.e. this one: I *think* that one is the lowest print run, although I don't know if there is an official number for how many were printed. The Comics and Oddities covers were both at 300 total, so they're pretty small runs themselves. It's possible that Diamond handed out more than 300 of the cover at the NYCC con, but I don't know if there is a way to verify that.
  13. They've done this before (I own the Venom 25 Maer Ultimate) and they really do destroy the amount printed outside of the sold amount. The reason they overprint is to make sure all copies they sell are 9.8. The complimentary copies that they distribute are given to people like the artist, and I would suspect there are less than 20 of them in total.
  14. As the title says, looking to get the Frison incentive variant for issue 6 of Something is Killing the Children. It's the only cover of the entire series I'm missing. Looking for raw or slabbed, don't really care. Also not entirely concerned about condition, and I'll pay market price for whatever condition it's in.