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  1. I've never bought one before, but I did get one today. I'm guessing that it won't be anything too crazy, and once I do get it I'll post some scans.
  2. Mystery Box sale is live on JSC's site right now: https://jscottcampbell.com/collections/jsc-exclusive-covers/products/mystery-box-j-scott-campbell-comics
  3. Pretty sure Beckett is the gold standard of card grading.
  4. Appreciate the response. That makes a lot more sense now 😊
  5. That's why I dropped them off at a con - they tend to be faster that way.
  6. So I dropped off a stack at AwesomeCon on 4/27. Two tiers, modern and economy, both received 5/2. My modern books went into grading / quality control today, 5/23.
  7. How does this thread fit in the "Comics General" section???
  8. What I would like to know is where the valuations come from. I've used the app occasionally, but so far the values for the books I've checked weren't matching other research I was doing.
  9. Gotta keep getting that post count up, eh?
  10. I think he's "signing" his posts, and then adding to that signature. -Kon_Jelly, who is very confused
  11. I can't decide if this thread is brilliant and hysterical or just a dumpster fire. I'm leaning towards the latter...
  12. I think this is the strangest post I've ever seen.
  13. I recently bought a decent lot of comics (3.5 long boxes) of mostly bronze and some silver age Spideys. There weren't any major keys, but there were some minor ones. Rather than try and value the lot (which would have taken too long), I threw out a number I was comfortable with based on an average price per book. In my case that ended up at just about $2/book. In the end I think we were both happy with the transaction: I got a good deal and he didn't have to worry about pricing out each book and got immediate cash.
  14. Didn't you just start collecting this year? And don't you own like 15 comics total? What would the long haul mean in that scenario, over a month?