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  1. Some background on this was provided by smith at Comic-Con. Basically he was really nervous that the hype days would destroy the industry so instead of self-publishing, he got a sweet deal from image, did some fun crossovers, and went back to self-publishing when the coast was clear. He effectively parked his brand under an overpass during the tornado that was 90’s comics. Sakai is doing something similar with Usagi and has done so several times in the past though he never self-published to my knowledge nor does he have much leverage, he just finds stronger houses.
  2. Personally I just loved the story and the cartooning. It was different than everything else at the time and it held up over the years. It’s been wildly reprinted via scholastic too. In terms of “value”, I don’t collect for $$ reasons. There is a Netflix series coming which will probably be popular but again, I’m just a fan and don’t care about price/etc.
  3. In addition to being down off and on, I've noticed it's actually wrong for many of my CGC issues. Incorrectly lists cover artist and issue variant. I've had this issue with a few obscure books. It seems like CGC is good on the big couple of publishers but the more obscure stuff just gets ignored during the QA process. That said, I do own an Ultimate Fallout 4 with a 1st print blue label even though it's a second print. Example: CGC Cert # 3694480016 Title Shaolin Cowboy Issue 7 Issue Date 5/07 Issue Year 2007 Publisher Burlyman Entertainment Grade 8.5 Page Quality WHITE
  4. Love the concept of the registry. I've read this note and it's not exactly the problem I'm having. The census data is incorrect (missing) for several of the books that I have. It's been missing/inaccurate for months so it's not a recent occurrence. Here's what I sent support but happy to post in another location should you need. TOPIC: Incorrect Census Data for Shaolin Cowboy (Burlyman). DETAILS: I have all of the comics in verifiable cgc slabs. Feel free to verify my comments by using my previous submission: #3694480. Issue 1 had two printings. Your's are listed in reverse. Iss
  5. Variety of stuff for family. I buy every friend/family newborn the bone hc collection, some prints, and sketches in hopes they read bone as their first comic. Been doing it for a few years but did quite a bit more than normal last year. He doesn’t sell his bone OA (anymore) as you know though there are some Rose pages I’ve spotted in the wild.
  6. I managed to score some signed books during lockdown. Thought y’all would be interested.
  7. Thought y’all would get a kick out of this. Bought a bunch of art from Smith in April and received this face mask as thanks. It’s been well used at this point.
  8. Regarding why CGC doesn’t do verified signatures: it’s really expensive to start and requires a ton of tech/ test & training data. If they make a mistake, it invalidates their history. CBCS is owned by Beckett which has been perfecting this technique for decades on sports cards. It’s not because CGC has ulterior motives around signings or some such nonsense. CGC is a great grading company (best IMO) but they don’t have the tech to guarantee it and that’s what the G is for.
  9. Great purchase, favorable terms, incredible shipping/handling. Thank you!
  10. Was surprised to see the difference. It’s almost as if Scott didn’t get the art that was being compared and only received the pre-color corrected for that page. That edition actually has lots of pages where Mike’s “splotchy” blacks are clearly visible. Guess he couldn’t get hold of that collector.
  11. Re: Mylar - the recommendation by BCW is large poly bag as it stretches with the weight of the book instead of tearing. The bags used for “Ditko is...” large format books can be used. Re: AE generally. I have Hellboy, Thor (Simonson), LE GXM Cockrum, Bone, and Chinatown (Powell), Grasscutter (Sakai) & Wrightson in the IDW format. They’re all spectacular. I focus on getting the signed/remarked versions If available or the sdcc version which is tricky sometimes. They’re stored in a closet on a good shelf laying flat. I toss the boxes but get why people keep them. In case IDW is reading:
  12. Has anyone seen a copy of these issues in the wild? This series is an exclusive giveaway for users of the Dynamics ePlate Credit Card Device, users are given a digital page for every $35 spent (double if spent on TFAW or the Dark Horse Digital store) and once all 32 pages per issue are earned the full digital comic is emailed to them and once all five digital issues have been earned a physical copy will be sent to the user. They were collected in a trade which is easy to find but I haven't seen any of the physical copies. I see where they promise physical copies but I can't imagine