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  1. My buddy wants to buy 3 copies in the 5.0-6.5 range as gifts for himself and his brothers. $1,000-1,300/book depending on grade. White Pages only. Immediate payment via Venmo or PayPal (F&F).
  2. Looks amazing. My copy of that variant arrives Monday. So excited. The AEINDEX forum said that there are 125 total CC signed variants, 15 of which are reserved for in-house and 10 for replacement copies in the event of shipping damage. All of mine sit out of the box on a shelf and see regular/active use. They will have no resale value and I'm 100% ok with that.
  3. Geof Darrow Juan Jose Ryp Eric Powell James Stokoe also, if anyone knows how to engage with the above guys (except for Powell who I can email) then I’d love the help. Mine are already slabbed so I don’t really know how that’s best handled. n00b so feel free to point me to another place.
  4. Whew! Same here. Didn’t see this post and posted a duplicate. Was a little nervous...
  5. My Submissions no longer shows submissions that were less than 8 months old nor does it retrieve submissions on search. Is something just down? Books were received by CGC from pressing on 5/15 and were in quality control yesterday. Ignore this, I found a similar thread using different language for the same issue.
  6. I've heard that the Dejah Thoris Black Bag Risque Virgin #1 is <= 200 printed. I'd also heard that it's not a ratio as it was marketed as Black Bag Risque Virgin Variant LTD at a $100 MSRP ($65 wholesale). The last one on eBay went for $150 unslabbed and there are 3 on census, all 9.8's. https://www.cgccomics.com/census/grades_standard.asp?title=Dejah+Thoris&publisher=Dynamite+Entertainment&issue=v3+%231&year=2019&issuedate=2019 It is his only non-implied nude cover for a continuing series. Update: cover C was a standard variant misprinted in the comic cover gallery as “Art by ... Lisner” when it’s just a trade-dressed, censored, wraparound Hughes cover. 1:50 is the Black Bag Risqué which has trade dress No formal-ratio @$65 msrp (confirm?) ”limited edition “virgin” wraparound” no formal ratio @$100 msrp “ limited edition black bag risqué “virgin” wraparound”. This is a copy of the 1:50 ratio version but “virgin” and the rarest of covers printed. Contact suspects only 225 were made but didn’t give details on why that number. Perhaps people on this forum know more about the printing process than I do.
  7. I found this stuffed in one of my old Rolling Stone magazines from when I was a kid. Does anyone know what it’s from?
  8. There is a third situation with regards to actual original art sketch covers that were sold in polybags by the publisher. I’m unsure how CGC treats these scenarios but it would be great to know.
  9. This artwork is fantastic. I recently received a factory poly bagged Goon 1 Sketch cover. These were only ever sold factory bagged. Does CGC grade these as blue or green? I’ve seen other poly sketches as blue but wasn’t sure if that was a special arrangement with cgc. I have searched other areas of the forum for an answer but since this was the “mega thread”... I’m new to all of this so please let me know if I’m in the wrong area. I’ve also emailed cgc but haven’t heard back. Thank you.