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  1. I found this stuffed in one of my old Rolling Stone magazines from when I was a kid. Does anyone know what it’s from?
  2. There is a third situation with regards to actual original art sketch covers that were sold in polybags by the publisher. I’m unsure how CGC treats these scenarios but it would be great to know.
  3. This artwork is fantastic. I recently received a factory poly bagged Goon 1 Sketch cover. These were only ever sold factory bagged. Does CGC grade these as blue or green? I’ve seen other poly sketches as blue but wasn’t sure if that was a special arrangement with cgc. I have searched other areas of the forum for an answer but since this was the “mega thread”... I’m new to all of this so please let me know if I’m in the wrong area. I’ve also emailed cgc but haven’t heard back. Thank you.