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  1. I didn't mean to quote you. i was just making a general statement about the movie.
  2. I enjoyed it more the second time around. The final fight was amazing especially the part where Thanos takes on Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America by himself. The CGI and 3D was really nice. First time around i think as on old fan I had ideas about what should/could happen that didn't materialize and even though I liked the movie it might not have lived up to my expectations. I accepted it for what it did give more the second time around so first viewing an 8.0 and 2nd maybe as high as 9.0 One thing I would have loved to see but didn't expect to happen would be Thanos to start seeing grown versions of Gamora in the death's robe and thus spawning his love affair with death. I thought with pale make up she could really look like death from the old comics. I thought it would have been a cool twist.
  3. I just keep it simple and embrace or reject someone based on their own merits. As society goes i feel like the same machine that mandated racism 75 years ago is mandating tolerance today. i have no use for it. Its all control. Like the joker said their morals are a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble, when the chips are down these civilized people will eat each other. I think there is more truth to that than most people can admit to themselves. I think if you are true to yourself racism is ruled out because we are all just members of the human race in reality. So i never worry about society telling me what boxes I need to check regarding racial objectivity. As far as advancing minorities in this country at this point I think its largely about economic disparity. Solid parenting must push their children to succeed financially because all the protests and noise in the world will never level the playing field as long as a group of people is impoverished or struggling financially. The more money minority families have the more minorities will be in better neighborhoods, better schools, better access to legal counsel etc.
  4. about 3 years ago I purchased a beautiful CGC 7.0 FF#1 as an investment in the hopes that this day might come! The deal just became official and needless to say I am quite pleased right now.
  5. Try reading 57-60 if you haven't already. Rarely has one of doctor dooms plans shined so bright.
  6. While Empire is the greatest sequel of all time Star Wars truly was groundbreaking in a way that I feel is under appreciated today by many fans. I was 7 when I saw star wars i believe in early june just before the end of the first grade. I left earth that day and spent the next few years in a galaxy far far away. I saw Empire on opening day thanks to my dad being willing to go the extra mile to make it happen for me and my best friend(thanks dad!). Empire was a truly great movie with such a great beginning and end. Sadly believe it or not the greatest spoiler of all time was let loose by the local newsman on air a day or two before release, While I wasn't sure I believed that vader was luke's father that revelation lessened the shock when it came out in the theatre so the impact of that great moment was lessened for me! With that in mind I still think star wars is the greatest of the franchise and what Lucas went through to make it including almost giving himself a heart attack from the stress makes the story even greater in my evaluation.
  7. Would love to see a FF easter egg at the end of avengers infinity war - like a quick scene of stretcho working in the lab to find a way to stop Thanos while the thing is razzing him about it then the camera pans out to shot of the FF logo on top of the Stark building! Time will tell but I believe these properties are in good hands now.
  8. Oh IDK mentioned it in the article. Mega companies getting bigger I think usually have to clear some form of government oversight.
  9. Get this deal past antitrust laws and the marvel cinematic universe will be saying hello to the X-men and fantastic four!
  10. Saw it last night. Somewhat enjoyable and I wasn't disappointed as I thought the trailers didn't promise much. 6.5 for me. Starting to feel like I am watching the same movie over and over again from marvel. Spider-man was another missed opportunity to shatter the formula like iron man 1 did and do a different kind of hero movie. the good: Tom Holland is a good fit for spier-man so they got the most important part right the bad: Spidey's suit unlocked with the computer voice made me feel like I am watching an iron man movie not a spider movie, hope that goes away. Spidey doesn't need that, and he doesn't need a mentor either, the early years of spidey learning to use his wits and powers on his own are too important to the character imo. the ugly: Who ever thought spidey would be playing second fiddle to Iron Man? I actually love iron man so this works for me but this really feels like iron mans universe doesn't it? Who woulda thunk it could happen?