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  1. Made a huge trade for this beauty yesterday!
  2. Paid a little under market value at a local shop here in San Antonio. Couldn’t be happier!!
  3. Thank buddy! Yea @ 425 I couldn’t pass it up.
  4. My local shop has a raw copy (3.5 ish) for sale: $425 Should I jump on it? You just don’t see them pop up in shops very often.
  5. It was guessed. The owner never posted the results. That's a lot of spine ticks to be a 9.0 -9.2 no?
  6. I found one that some on here said 9.0/9.2 It obviously has more stress marks on the back than mine shows. Not to mention the top right corner...
  7. Lol @ "Adult beverage too many" That's never good mixed with comic cleaning either.
  8. I always over grade the modern and under grade the oldies lmao Time for a strategy adjustment!
  9. I was thinking more like a 9.4 with a press and clean. Im actually more bothered by the fingerprints than anything else. How do those come off? Lol