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  1. I recently got a 9.8 with a massive spine tick. Have no idea how but I traded for an IH 180
  2. I don't know if it is pressed, it does have the older label with the page quality in the middle of the blue label.
  3. Yes it is. older label with the page quality in the middle of the label.
  4. would you guys rather own an X Men 1 5.5 ow/w or and Hulk 181 9.2 ow/w? Just won and auction on ebay for a 2.0 for a little over 3k. The next day a 2.0 sold for 3600. Granted, mine has an ugly tape mark, it isn't noted on the label though. STILL HAPPY THOUGH! will post a pic when it arrives.
  5. Would it be a horrible trade to give up Hulk 181 9.2 ow/w + ASM 129 cbcs 9.0 wp for X Men 1 5.5 0W/W?
  6. This is what is stopping me from offering a trade proposal to someone. The fact that their isn't any first appearances. The MCU is wrapping up the Avengers story and I can't really see the book taking any more big leaps for a while. DD on the other hand still hasn't gotten a worthy movie and feels really under valued.
  7. No I didn't see that. I should try and spend more time around here. Hard to find the time.
  8. That was beautiful. So then your on the side of keeping the 129 as well?
  9. 5.0 I am still ahead. 4.5 I am breaking even. Fingers crossed I guess.