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  1. It's on the upper lip. It was on the original sketch that Artgerm posted on instagram, so nothing CGC did. I'm not sure it can be corrected (unless you guys think having it pressed is a good idea). Still an amazing piece.
  2. Thanks, guys. Yeah, I kind of blew my budget on it, but it was so amazing it seemed worth it (I'm still paying it off! LOL). I need a bit of advice though. There's a small foreign object (like a hair) on the surface that I didn't notice when I bought it or submitted it to CGC (see below). What would you guys do if anything? I know it's minor considering the mind-blowing art, but it still bothers my OCD. Ha ha ...
  3. I'm new to collecting sketches, but picked this one up from Artgerm at Megacon.