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  1. It is. I'm not interested in the bs that other people might be. Having a book pressed is no different than having it in a bag and board. It's just another manner of preserving it.
  2. If I were selling a book that had been pressed, I don't see any reason why I would tell you (even if you did ask).
  3. CGC is going to take more time to get it, and to get it back, than eBay/PayPal allows on claiming "not as described". I've won these types of cases in the past.
  4. There are still a few signed sets left @ $125 plus shipping.
  5. I preordered the two book set of Alex Ross' SDCC Immortal Hulk #20. Cover B is going to be hot!
  6. They graded this a 9.0 and the 476 an 8.0. This 9.0 looks worse than the 8.0... any ideas on how they could have graded these two as they did?
  7. Looking at this book and the 475 that they graded a 9.0, This book looks better on both sides. Not sure how they graded it at 8.0.
  8. Thanks! Just going through the huge collection of my dad's that I grabbed after he passed. These were in several boxes in a shed.
  9. Still waiting on it. USPS certified mail is slow. UPS would have been here within 2 days after shipping.
  10. Do you think that crease may have a shot at being pressed out? You have to get up close to even see it. It somewhat breaks color... this is one of those Iffish press books from my perspective.
  11. Looking for thoughts on the current grade and if the defects could be pressed out for a higher grade
  12. Looking for thoughts on the current grade and what might be realistic after a press.
  13. Looking for thoughts on the current grade and what might be realistic after a press.
  14. 8.0 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE ""DC Comics Questionnaire"" insert. Comic Description: Detective Comics 476 3-4/78 D.C. Comics Grader Notes: insert/poster multiple crease left bottom of back cover spine stress lines breaks color Should there still be any creasing at all on the back cover since it was pressed by CCS?
  15. 9.0 OFF-WHITE TO WHITE Comic Description: Detective Comics 475 2/78 D.C. Comics Grader Notes: spine stress lines breaks color