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  1. I agree with Parabellum--One went at ComicLink for 3100 early in the year I believe it was and another a couple months after that went for 2150 on Ebay, but the selling format was different than ComicLinks and the seller from Ebay (kindly) agreed to a best offer and it was sold in less than 24 hours of its listing. Presently, this went up for auction and there were a ton of bids. Based on price alone, this comic appears to be far more desirable than Caliber Presents 1. The Census for Crow 1 is extremely low in 9.8 in comparison, the cover is mesmerizing, and acquiring a high grade with that black cover is insanely difficult. Even in lower grades, this one continues to climb. That's not to say Caliber Presents isn't also climbing, but not nearly so quickly as Crow 1. They announce a new movie or a series and things will likely get even more interesting.
  2. I will remember now! Kind of reminds me of Fast Pass at Disneyland. You're standing in line with the masses and out of nowhere a hoard of people pass you in the fast-pass line. Kind of makes little to no sense to even give a time frame for Economy. Should be described as "whenever we can get to it...and that won't be for a long long time."
  3. Just an update on where my Copper-Era comic is in the grading process: I submitted it for a pressing and encapsulation (Economy) towards the end of April. It took 2 weeks to show up as received. I'm relatively new to this process, so trying to interpret time frames when utilizing both pressing and grading services was pretty unclear. I can't recall specifics but I believe the pressing time frame listed had been something like 60 business days and the grading timeframe was like 40. This led me to come to the errant conclusion that the pressing and grading process would be completed in 60 business days- (I don't think you can get a pressing without a grade, so it made sense to me that pressing time frame would be bundled to include the grade). Well, my conclusions were wrong. On October 8th, my comic was updated to show as "received" by CGC. I may be mistaken, but i believe I've been booted to the back of the line, so whatever the time frame back in April for encapsulation is now long past relevant and the time frame listed for grading as of 10/8 is where things stand. Also, the last time I submitted for a grade, CGC charged me when they were ready to ship it back to me (I believe). This time around, they charged me when marked as received (around 10/8), so I got pretty excited thinking that a grade was imminent. Oh well, thankfully I'm an adult who has developed the skill of delayed gratification but from a business standpoint CGC and CCS hopefully can pick it up. The demand is certainly there but their resources for completing orders is grossly lacking. Maybe they should slow the train down rather than continuing to stretch their resources so thin (e.g,.being a presence at every comic-con, etc) until they pull together a workforce that can bear the demand
  4. That is a beautiful set. Gotta love the GD backdrop👌✌️
  5. That’s really helpful information! Thank you for this! I’m a bit shocked that CBCS was dead. I’ve found their grading standards to be strong, but CGC has a lot of hype surrounding them. Not to say it isn’t earned but don’t believe their grading standards differ much from CBCS. Now PGX, that’s a different story
  6. The one I submitted in early May took I believe a week (after showing as being delivered) to show up in their system as received. If you are paying for a pressing, it will remain "received" for a long time. Basically, until CCS returns it to CGC. Hope that helps!
  7. Greatly appreciate you!!! Thanks for educating me 😁👍
  8. Hi All, I'm newer to submitting to CGC. Back in April I submitted a comic book for pressing and a grade. I'm wondering if the timeframe for CCS is separate from the time frame for CGC encapsulation (CCS' timeframe is much more extensive than CGCs so it would make sense to me that the CCS time frame was combined with CGC. A couple weeks after submission, it was marked as "Received" as of 5/11/19 and its stayed that status ever since. I believe that it doesn't change or get updated while CCS has it, but based on the time frame for CCS when I submitted it, they should have pressed it by now. I'm wondering if CGC ever forgets to upload the status and it could be further along in the process than the designation indicates. I did choose economy, so am on the slow track but even still the timeframes just don't seem to add up. Greatly appreciate any insight!
  9. Seriously, lol. I talked him down to 700 but after the thought of paying for CGC and a pressing, not knowing the final grade and the money being tied up for six months (may be an exaggeration there) I decided to pass and he's opened it to auction. Nice guy for sure. I'll wish him the best.
  10. Greatly appreciate input on the estimated grade and if it's worth a pressing? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I'll leave it in the hands of the CGC-gods
  12. Sorry it's taken me so long to post this, but would greatly appreciate the expertise of this forum. Here's the link to the Crow 1I received. I've submitted this to CGC. the back looked extremely clean, no tics or creases and corners were sharp. The link below only shows the front cover. I am requesting a pressing and paid the extra for it to be screened for a pressing so if they don't think it's advisable they won't press it. What I thought was a chip on the neck was just glare. Would GREATLY appreciate expertise on estimated grade (based on the front cover Thanks in advance for yuor expertise on grade!
  13. Recently picked theCrow 1 up and it’s on its way. Hoping to send to cgc. It’s hard to tell but looks like there may be a small paint chip on the neck left side between the collar and chin. Hoping it’s dust but am wondering if a 9.8 would be out of the question if it is a chip? Thanks!, I'll hope to post some pics when I get it, but am just wondering what general consensus might be based on my brief description. It's a pretty small speckno bigger than cm in diameter I'd say
  14. Another chance at that caliber presents #1 9.8 that sold for almost 1450 about a month ago. The seller relisted on ebay