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  1. I completely agree. I was extremely kind and described in simple detail the issues with the book. I have since been ignored. From now on I may stay away from purchasing raw books on ebay unless they are reading copy's.
  2. after a quick discussion with the seller it was resolved with a 15 dollar deduction to the price so for what I paid I may just skip pressing after all and just enjoy it however it may turn out. I keep forgetting to not always try for the 9.8s as desirable as they are and just be happy to have it in my collection (if I got it for the right price). but I will definitely post my results when its sent in to see what CGC sees this as.
  3. After picking up this book just today at a 9.8 it is definitely damage to the book and non of it including the texture belongs. This is just one other book I'm comparing too but I didn't see it coming back anything close to a 9.8 either way. At least I have a reading copy now.
  4. just an update after bringing this info to the seller he has still yet to cooperate with me on a refund let alone reply to my issue with the book. not at all worried with the eBay guarantee but still worth noting.
  5. Will do the price of the service gives no reason to at least try.
  6. Thank you everyone for all the input really happy to be apart of this community you all have been nothing more then extremely helpful and informative!!! This is by far the best spot to get real answers to comic book questions and concerns!
  7. The rest of the book is flawless unread and has sharp corner without any other defects that I can see with the little knowledge I do have about looking at a modern book. As cool as it would be to get a 9.8 even a 9.6 would make me happy. I guess I have finally chosen to roll the dice and just grade it. at the end of the day the art is beautiful and have no intention of selling to make money. If I decide to have it pressed I will submit results if not I will submit the outcome of the grading process to officially close this discussion and see what cgc says about it. Thanks for your input!!!
  8. Wow perfectly explains what happened here. just glad there isn't any creases but man can you really feel it.
  9. My original idea was to get it graded but for $100 for this book in a 9.8 I couldn't justify it knowing I can get autos for around or well under $100 (not this specific book but other artgerm covers with yellow cgc tag at 9.8 or 9.6).
  10. I would have paid about the same amount getting it from unknown comics. I'm totally ok with this not being a 9.8 but if its a significant drop (anything under 9.0) I may consider just returning it or maybe getting some cash back on it. Sorry don't know much about grading to know how much of a hit it will take but glad to have you guys knowledge to go off of. Thanks again.
  11. In your opinion would you have it pressed? I paid $30 for the book. How much of a drop on the grade will the book take for such damage? If not a considerable amount I may just consider keeping it as is. Still really love this book.
  12. The rest of the book looks so clean except this spin. In your opinion is this something that’s fixable and worth doing or should I return it? I’m cool with a 9.4 maybe even a 9.2 as I mainly collect the artgerm covers for the art but what’s your 2 cents?
  13. This is the second book that I purchased from eBay and looks really nice except for the spin. Does this down the grade or if it manufacturing? Trying to decide if I should keep it or send it back. Thanks for all the help!
  14. Got them from a "trusted" seller on eBay. Never had issues before but guess there's a first time for everything.