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  1. No issues whatsoever. Good stuff offered, shipped quickly and securely with good communication. I would not hesitate to buy from again!
  2. You must list an asking price or the listing will get pulled for violation of the rules.
  3. 1. Edge of Venomverse #1 CMS Variant Cover by Natali Sanders (Dark Silver Sutio). This is a Marvel Comics Original from 2017. Natali painted with oil, airbrush paint, Prismacolor pencils, & walnut oil on Hammermill acid free archival paper. The work is 10.5” x 6.9”. $4000.00 plus shipping (please see above for details). I will include a CGC 9.8 copy of the comic book as well. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** 3. X-23 Commission, pencils by Deacon “DBLACK” Black. 11” x 17”. It's hard to miss Deacon Black's amazing... and often risque... pin up art and this piece doesn't disappoint, depic
  4. Cool books...I don't see prices? Is that just on my end?