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  1. I've been having great luck on CL as well and I don't believe any customer is small time. Many facets of business have lost simple appreciation of their customer base, especially certain comic dealers/houses. Zingy retorts and grumpy attitudes do not endear sellers to customers but I certainly see a lot of it. Citing frustrations with past customers is also irrelevant IMO. That should have no bearing on treatment of current customers regardless of purchase size. Sorry for side-rant...back on topic - I also have good recent experiences with Comic Connect. Heritage has the best books sometimes though but I don't see the need for the greed on their end as I feel they already gouge quite enough...I'm surprised they haven't started charging for sending me their catalogues yet
  2. That's kind of what I was thinking at first, and probably would have been okay with the rationale they have to keep orders separate to avoid clerical/shipping errors or the like. When they stated they WOULD combine and send all the books in one package BUT they were still going to charge me both shipping charges (with one discounted only about 5 bucks)...that's the point they lost me and it started to look like greed. If you're combining into one box, I should only get charged one shipping/handling fee IMO. But I also am small potatoes for any of the auction houses so I'm certain they are indifferent to my opinion
  3. Honesty up front...I haven't read their shipping policy but I thought common sense would prevail. Won five books at two different auctions ending last weekend. One was their Sunday internet and the other was their ongoing one (can't recall name of,) but they both ended and I got invoiced with separate invoices. One shipping charge of $49.69 for four books and the other shipping charge of $26.70 for one book. Now I'm used to their shipping rates being high, but don't mind because the boxes are packed very well and I usually try to buy more than one item to make it worth the shipping charges. In this case though, I called to request they add the one book with the others and combine the shipping rates. I figured this would be a no-brainer and response would be "sure, no problem." NOPE....they stated because different auctions, they would need to keep both shipping charges. They did however generously offer to throw the one book in with the others in the same shipping box and ONLY charge around $15 extra shipping/handling even though all books would be sent in the same box. I understand they have a business to run and that is their justification for charging handling charges but come on!!! At a certain point, it just becomes greed. I will also note that I've had success in the past with similar circumstances at other auction houses and was able to combine shipping without paying exorbitant handling charges. As much of a bite HA takes to begin with, it shouldn't be an issue to just put the other book in and remove the shipping/handling charges. I feel $50 is plenty to pay for shipping 5 books. Obviously, they disagree. Has anyone else run into a similar experience and did the gluttonous greed cast a shadow on your interest in bidding in future auctions or did you just deal with it because they DO have some of the best books? I really enjoy the other sites, but definitely HA draws some of the best books out there. Was just curious as to thoughts or any similar/differing experiences.