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  1. Pretty sure that's how the bottom staple is on most copies. Just compared it with some CGC graded copies on eBay.
  2. I might go this route if most folks think it won't come back a CGC 9.8. Just posted some more pics with better lighting.
  3. Probably $300 less than what I paid... ugh.
  4. That's an option but I'd probably only get around $1800 if I'm lucky and that's before ebay fees.
  5. Seems like most graded comics from CBCS come out graded the same if not better?
  6. I do feel lucky. It looks like a legit 9.8 to me but what do I know? I really want a CGC 9.8 graded BA 12 to add to my collection. Question, should I have it pressed by CGC or leave as is when I send it in?
  7. Reason #2. I’ll try and take pics with better lighting today. Most notably of the spine and corners.
  8. You think? I paid about $1350 for it so I’d be bummed if it came back as a 9.6.
  9. It’s a 9.8 from CBCS. That scrape is definitely the case.
  10. Wondering if I should submit this to CGC. Hoping for a 9.8. Thoughts?
  11. Going to purchase a 1st appearance of Hellboy, Marvel Now Point 1 and a Malibu Sun 13 cgc 9.8 which is rare. It’s also signed by Todd. Love me some Spawn.
  12. So I have 2 grand to spend and would like to know your opinions on which book/s I should purchase. Must be in cgc 9.8 condition of course. Thanks folks!