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  1. Total noob (today) but spending a LOT of time working through all this and since I live in the Chicago burbs, C2E2 live grading makes the most sense for me... that said, I can only swing a one day pass. If I go on Friday...how do I pickup Sunday unless I have a pass for that day? Do I have to pay for Friday *AND* Sunday? There's no free pickup pass or something, is there? Please don't throw rocks at me. :-/
  2. Name: Nicknamed that at 21 when I was a DJ... it's a long story that wouldn't make sense to anyone here. BUT some friends only know me by that name. Avatar: That's me! In my friends' comic vault. He has a LOT of #1's and I took a pic with some favorites about 20 years ago.
  3. Hello fellow comic book geeks! Read and loved Marvel and DC growing up in the late 70's, drifted away a bit and around 1985 started to draw some comics and needed "reference material" and bought some. Read them, found out how much comics grew-up and got hooked. Bought a HUGE collection off someone circa 1986 for $180 with a loan from my Dad. Selling over the years, it's been paid off several times over! I still have some of the old but beat-up ones from the Golden Age! But primarily my collection is 70's and 80's. Came here looking for Cert info and I think I'll be attending Chicago's upcoming C2E2 to get it done live... just have to read up about how best to do that! Favorites: any Spider-Man, John Byrne Fantastic Four, The Killing Joke, Secret Wars, Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, SwapThing (Alan Moore run). ANY Art by Art Adams, Alex Ross or Berni Wrightson. Oh....I also have a ginormous Playboy collection from 2nd year though 1968 I am trying to get sold!
  4. So, in a similar situation: My Dad passed away many years ago but Mom just died last year so I have their massive Playboy collection. Except, none from the first year but darn near a complete run after that, minus a couple issues only. I contacted Heritage House and without that first one or an exceptionally HIGH grade, they aren't interested. They suggested some others including MyComicShop.com -- they actually responded with interest: "Thank you for checking with us regarding your collection. We would be interesting (sic) in making you an offer as long as the magazines are in excellent condition and have all the centerfolds attached. If you can send us a few pictures to confirm this, we can most likely make you an offer. " ...so I am in the process of doing exactly that: going through everyone to report on the condition of each, especially if centerfold is in-tact and shooting some more photos then I already have. I will report back as I progress. Here was one pic I sent, just to sort of validate what I had (Second year is in a leather Playboy binder)