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  1. Hi all, I am a noob to the whole comic gig and I have a couple questions and concerns regarding fees and how they pertain to comics when sending into CGC to get graded. My first concern is why CGC charges so many fees in regards to grading or even pre-screens...they even charge you a percentage on books that they returned not graded (CRAZY)....who can afford these prices....even with my elite membership....I feel this is still a huge rip-off....but anyway perhaps I am missing some info on the grading process or the best way to go about this. I am looking to send in about 50 comics to get graded, I have no idea how much they are worth or how to fill in the online submission forms accurately to insure I make no mistakes....and most of all, how can I find out the how much the total cost would be if I were to send out these 50 comics before I actually send them out....this is all so confusing and the CGC website is so vague on explanation, especially to people who are completely new to this....if anyone can point me in the right direction or give me some clarity on these issues then it would be great help. Thanks in advance, -IRONICK