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  1. I don’t drink....and I thought his name was Jeebus....will you be my new best def like talking to me....Wanna grab some tea and strumpets some time?
  2. It’s called being in knowing it was him because my wife would not pull this....but whatever....I don’t care....not sure why you do
  3. I had to check all my mess, and I don’t care who believes what, I was just trying to clear this mess up and after seeing what he typed, I can see why people are so upset..but needless to say....I never would have signed up for CGC if I couldn’t afford it including buying the ELITE package deal and I am happy with the results so far....already sent dozens of comics in and still waiting on some...I have no complaints in regards to CGC...I understand the comic world and of course how costly things get....after being with CGC for almost a year now, it would make no sense for me to all of a sudden complain on a silly chat board about finances when I plan on sending more comics in next month, just makes no sense...they already giving me a 15% discount for the elite package and that’s more than a deal, especially in the comic industry....Be that as it may....and have a nice day.
  4. He never stole my password, but I was ignorant enough to stay logged in and let him use my P.C....he’s trying to me off because I have a comic that he claims is his which it isn’t and this is his way of getting back at me....again, sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. apologies to anyone involved in this feed....I just started getting emails this morning from CGC and I never signed up for one can only guess that my brother was using my account without my consent and trying to screw up my stuff...please disregard any posts over the last few days as it was not me....I have changed my password for my account to insure this does not happen again....sorry for any inconvenience or waste of anyone’s valuable time.
  6. I absolutely understand, but if a business isn’t willing to negotiate with it’s customers then you are absolutely correct...I DON’T NEED TO ASSOCIATE MYSELF WITH THAT I will most def take your advice and will not renew my membership going forward...I was simply making a justification of how businesses take advantage of lower class people and don’t care about anyone but def inspired me to move on, thanks.
  7. Didn’t mean to sound like it was a rip-off, just surprised they don’t have cheaper rates for new-comers or to even acquire more customers is all....other that that I love CGC
  8. Hi all, I recently just sent in a Thundercats collection #1-24 to have Graded/Encapsulated by CGC. I just received these comics back and noticed that they were all first prints except for my Thundercats #1 issue which was labeled as a 3rd print indicated per CGC. I guess my question of concern can issue #1 be a 3rd print when the print date was 12/85 and all my other issues (#2-24) which first prints dated after 12/85?....wouldn't that make issue #1 a first print?....did CGC make an error?....why would they do 2nd/3rd prints within the same year as the 1st print?...wouldn't they do that a few years later? *I would also like some advice as to how I can tell the difference between 1st/2nd/3rd prints...would it state this on the inside cover near the print date? I thought I had gone through these thoroughly but perhaps I missed it. Thanks in advance if someone can clear this up for me. Thanks!
  9. Hi all, I am a noob to the whole comic gig and I have a couple questions and concerns regarding fees and how they pertain to comics when sending into CGC to get graded. My first concern is why CGC charges so many fees in regards to grading or even pre-screens...they even charge you a percentage on books that they returned not graded (CRAZY)....who can afford these prices....even with my elite membership....I feel this is still a huge rip-off....but anyway perhaps I am missing some info on the grading process or the best way to go about this. I am looking to send in about 50 comics to get graded, I have no idea how much they are worth or how to fill in the online submission forms accurately to insure I make no mistakes....and most of all, how can I find out the how much the total cost would be if I were to send out these 50 comics before I actually send them out....this is all so confusing and the CGC website is so vague on explanation, especially to people who are completely new to this....if anyone can point me in the right direction or give me some clarity on these issues then it would be great help. Thanks in advance, -IRONICK