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  1. I can’t get into it in detail but this is going to prove very important down the road trust me? R
  2. On the website it clearly states that Hulk 401 sales started in November of 1992. I still think CGC should acknowledge at the very least the vision of Maestro by Delphi or am I missing something here. Maybe we should get some validation from Peter David himself? Rick
  3. Hi every I still haven’t found an answer to my question as to why Incredible Hulk 401 pg 12 is not the first appearance of the Maestro Hulk. It is clear to me Peter David put that in the story line for a reason for bigger things. I want to get the books graded but with no mention of the Maestro Hulk I am holding off. thanks
  4. Hello everyone I still haven’t found any answers on why the first appearance of Maestro Hulk is not the vision the Delphi had on page 12 in the Incredible Hulk 401. Clearly Peter David put this there for a reason. I don’t know why CGC makes no mention of this in their description on the label. I know because I have one of the few graded. Help! thanks rick
  5. Can anyone out there in the Comic universe tell me why the Incredible Hulk 401 doesn’t get credit for the first appearance of the Maestro Hulk. On page 12 there is a distinct picture of him in some sort of vision or reflection. I just purchased a 8.5 copy and there is no mention of this important fact. Please help me out here. Rick
  6. Anyone out there. I am looking for any comic books signed by Bill Mantlo. If you have one I would be very interested. rickn
  7. So I guess we can call them preview appearances. Sounds good to me. R
  8. Funny stuff. Many skeptics out there about first appearances. I guess you could have first appearances or ideas before the full story in a comic. The comics journal I think is a rare situation with the black costume because it no longer is in publication. I can’t think of any other character that I know of . I wonder if they talk about Superman or Batman’s capes and if there were drawings in different publications. I don’t think so. This was a big thing for Marvel. What ever you want to call it the date of October 1983 proves the costume first appeared in print. R
  9. I have been doing a great deal of research on the first appearance of Spider-Man’s black costume. My findings were confusing to a new collector. Most people say it was in amazing Spider-Man #252 published in May of 1984. I found a copy of the comics journal from October 1983 with a picture of the black costume and this was shortly after Randy Schueller drew the character and Jim Schooter bought it for $220. I have subsequently gone ahead and tried to put other appearances in chronological order but the first in my opinion would be the comics journal from 1983. Rick
  10. Hello out there. Does anyone have a Bill Mantlo signature? I would be very interested. thanks Rick