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  1. I've had this for a while now, but couldn't post about it until the book actually came out, and I wasn't spoiling. Sitting on it was SO hard! lol! I can't wait to read the final issue
  2. That's not his signature, and... and he was loose as a goose back in 77... which that drawing is not. that was drawn nervously.
  3. If that's a Wrightson... I'll eat Swedish Pee Shark with a smile.
  4. Thanks for that response. Makes sense, now that it's described that way. I'm restarting the show currently. So, i'll be keeping an eye out for the scene. If anyone is into Space Trains and life lessons about what's really important, and what is not... this really is a great series. It is subtitled, not dubbed. I know for some thats a turn off, but for others thats a feature. I love it!
  5. This isn't comic art specifically but i think it's interesting, and pertinent, because it's Heritage. I was looking for Galaxy Express 999 animation cells this morning, and came across this previous sale listed on heritage... it's awful, and in my humble opinion it looks like a fake. maybe this was such a minor sale for them that they just didnt care? but it seems pretty obvious... i can draw a better Maetel than that... I've included an image of one of the DVD covers as reference image.
  6. Velvet Buzzsaw is a horror movie set in the world of mega art collectors. pretty recent movie with Jake Gilllenhaal (spelling?) and Rene Russo. The bad behavior in the movie is pretty priceless! Was produced / is available on Netflix.
  7. extra points for it being a corona virus!
  8. My only "infected" art... since everyone in WD is walking around with the disease in a dormant phase until they are killed. the pages below are hershal getting offed / and then the woman realizing she killed lori and the baby puts her gun to govs mouth... which ultimately ends him.
  9. Congrats Ron!!!!!!! Thats awesome! Sook draws a fine line indeed! ~Keith
  10. just to be clear though... as was stated in the post that Twanj linked... Invaluable isnt the auction house, but they are a service that allows other smaller auction houses to sell online... think of them like ebay, they are not actually the seller. Relic Vintage Incorporated is the seller in this case. For instance, i believe that Invaluable is the service that Profiles uses when they have an auction / it was the service they used to enable online bidding for the Wrightson Frankenstein plate in December. The person who started this thread is also the same person