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  1. Kubert's run on Enemy Ace is pretty high up there on my comics are awesome meter, and so are his war comics just in general. Man really awesome splash, you've got to be stoked.
  2. Alas, it wasn't meant to be... for me I mean... I hope whoever got it loves crud the out of it! really, it won't let me use that word, it's not even a bad one. talk about puritan...
  3. Yes, for most things I agree. But for high profile purchases like EQ... maybe it matters. Maybe some organization that was making a decision of whether to display it publicly might say to themselves that they don’t want to touch it with a 50 foot pole now, because of that revelation. As we economists say it could affect the person who is on the margin. super rich frazetta fan boy doesn’t care, but Lucas Museum probably weighed it into their calculus. And if that kept them from bidding it affected the price. I’m personally a fan boy, if I had a billion.. i’d put that baby up in my sweet billionaire comic library / comic art gallery for 5.4mm. But, it’s a cover painting from my favorite run of silver age comics / what I feel is the first comic publications that tried to subvert the comic book code (talking Warren, not just Eerie)
  4. I wonder how much of a hit the racist porn scandal was on the final price of EQ? I bet that sale took a hit on it. Potentially drove away some buyers. Easier to argue that it was a product of the times, with out that strong evidence of how he thought personally.
  5. when you say based on her face, do you mean because of the changes to her face that Frazetta made? yeah, interesting theory for sure. Kind of a hey, we'll let it go at this... but also if anyone bids the hell out of it that wouldn't have hurt any feelings, other than that initial prospective buyers of course.
  6. Prior to Wednesday's sale, Christie's had described the sculpture as "one of the most iconic works of 20th-century art." "It is crisp and cool in its appearance, yet taps into the visual language of childhood," read a sale preview on the auction house's website. "Its lack of facial features renders it inscrutable, yet its form evokes fun and frivolity." Gee thanks Christie's... ... More Iconic than anything Pablo Picasso did... a GD metal rabbit made to look like a MF'ing balloon. This is why I don't want anyone to think of comic art as fine art. Because then we'd have these guys in our hobby. I'm happy as hell that people think of our art as just a little more kitsch. I really hope that sentiment continues. anyone watch that new Netflix horror movie that centers around the fine art community. Called Velvet Buzzsaw. It's kind of written like a classic horror story from Creepy / Eerie.. Starving-but-ambitious, art-rep assistant stumbles upon a dead, and seemingly genius unknown painter. She takes everything from his apartment, and it's all imbued with demons. ... anyway, the way they portrait that market is a little cliché, but also really apt. It makes you happy when bad things happen to the horrible people lol.