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  1. I'm so very glad you have this cover. The story behind it gave me chills and tears. Thank you so much for sharing this story. Absolutely amazing that you get this piece.
  2. Ron you deserve to be so thrilled over those two pages... THEY'RE AMAZING! And, they went to a great home! Glad to see them posted up.
  3. Hey John! Glad you chimed in I'm a little all over the place. I love my classics, mostly horror and sci-fi stuff, but also love some of today's creators as well. What are your genres? or are you all over the place within that time frame?
  4. double drats! ... let us know if you get a yearning for HeroesCon! if you do we'll add you to the coms list!
  5. Hey Guys, Sorry for the delayed response. Was camping this weekend with zero internet access, and ran errands all day today. I'll get more specific responses to everyone, but I wanted to go ahead and say thanks so much for all the replies. I'm glad to see so much Interest! I think the idea of Heroes is great, and like Varanis's idea of setting up some sort of specific communication channel re: a meetup as well. Cheers everyone! ~Keith
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Freudian slip. Hilarious! meant dare. but it's also fitting so I'm leaving it.
  7. Wait!?!? A group of highly intelligent, comic book enthusiasts took something over the top, or beyond the point where mere mortals date tread?
  8. +1 on this thought. A big part of it is the interactions. Whether it's from a new art, commission art, meeting a living legend who is YOUR art hero. One of my absolute favorites is a Wrightson pencil that I got from him at Heroes. Nice finished pencil concept drawing for the monster from one of the mini series he did with Niles. It's absolutely, awesomely, grotesque ... exactly which series is slipping my mind right now, which is my excuse for being on amazon at the moment ordering the hard cover compilation But the most fun part about it was that the second year he came to heroes I went by his booth to say high and look through his portfolios. He looked up and saw me and my buddy Nate, and said hey guys have any other restaurant recommendations for liz and I?... Nate and I are Charlotte locals... blew me away! Wish he was still around
  9. Not to poke the bear... but I cant help myself, and have to "contribute" to this morning's heated debate. My Theorem is but if they had put out an issue every month... instead of the irregular start they had Mathematical Proof: March 63 =1, apr 63 =2, May 63 = 4, Jun 63 =5, jul63 =6, aug 63 =7, sep 63 =8, nov 63 =9, dec 63 =10, jan 64 = 11, feb 64 =12 and then march 1964 would have been issue 13, therefore year 2... Are alternate realities on the table? This is Marvel we're talking about after all. If we assume alternate realities, then quid pro quo. the real message here is... does anyone know if Heritage Auctions accepts pinky toes in exchange for ASM Ditko art?
  10. I'm pretty sure it is... we are talking about Marvel, AND during the Stan Lee period.