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  1. it really is... He must have just caught Steve on a good day, or in the right way. It's funny Steve Ditko would rarely sign anything that people asked him to, but then he'd send a hand written / signed letter... i think he knew what he was doing / did it on purpose. I tend to think of him as the same guy as my buddy Anders... LOL ... I think he really valued his privacy, but he also enjoyed F'ing with people too.
  2. I float my art but my framing lady just uses two layers of matting so the art is recessed and not touching glass. You can see the corner holders if you looked at the zoomed in corner. It wasn’t very much more. And totally worth it I think. The frame was 150 bucks... the frame itself is plain, but it’s archival... with museum glass. I tend to let the art speak for itself.
  3. Garry, I found this blog dedicated to Ditko... it's still active, and there are a number of Mr. A essays... also on this link is the bibliography that they've posted of all the Mr. A publications they knew about. I bet it would be fruitful to reach out to the owner of this blog... here's the bibliography
  4. So... wait a sec... this particular piece is still showing in Vincent Facelina's CAF gallery, i'm guessing because you JUST got it. But... He got it directly from Steve Ditko and was willing to give it up? Like he met Steve, at his studio in the 80s, and Steve gave him this piece of art. And you were able to get it from him... smells like blackmail, or at least witchcraft, to me LOLOLOL ... joking aside... it would be a cold day in hell that you'd get this piece from me if it had that story... good job man. Doesnt show up in best of witzend... they only have one Mr. A. included in the edition and this isnt from it. Good luck figuring this out. If I see anything in my daily nerdings I'll let you know.
  5. yeah... they took a pretty loose interpretation of that description from HA ... ... ...
  6. Just grabbed these two from Daniel Warren Johnson’s Wonder Woman: Dead Earth. When all is lost and an over powered human army readies for its final defense, of the final city... the woman... by all accounts wonderous... who humanity turned its back on did not turn her back on those who would watch her die... METAL!
  7. thank you for posting these... absolutely breathtaking. Just simply fantastic.
  8. FG published a Best of Witzend not too long ago (2018). I have a copy of it at home. I'll take a look through it when i get home from work.
  9. yeah i dont think that there were too many categories, and that adding one or two to help better define each category would be helpful. ... my feedback on the voting process is: I think it would make things easier if i could click a button as i was going piece by piece to have that piece added to a list. and then when i'm done going through the category I'll have a short list of all the pieces I ear marked. And then i would want the ability to wittle, and / or re-order the list from there... i.e. if i picked more than five to begin with, or if 1st pick vs 5th pick actually matters for scoring. that way I dont have to do so much scrolling around or backing in and out of the piece links themselves etc.
  10. same, buy it because you love it. I think Felix hit the nail on the head earlier when he said that if you don't love it, then you're just tying up capital in something you don't love. I'd hate to tie up 10k in a pile of pieces for eventual flip, and then 3 months later see a piece that makes me squeal... only to remember that i cant buy it, and then eventually miss out on the opportunity that i really did want. I think it's truly impossible to fully ignore the idea of the value of your art. But when the value is only money... I think their are investments out there that are less apt to give you a heart attack For the love of comics
  11. I like Skotties art. I've bought some of it because I like it. If it does well bonus, if not I have cool art that I really like, also a bonus. Cant lose! Also can't wait for my I Hate Fairy Land commission!
  12. Thanks guys glad you like those pieces! Those three pieces are, well I think they're pretty damn special. Those three pieces fulfilled some seriously, long-seeded art dreams ~Keith
  13. that book is super cool! thanks for posting it i wasnt aware of it. I do hope we start seeing more of Ditko's stuff being reprinted in interesting formats, along with reproductions of previously unseen art. Hope they find some family of his to put through college or something because of this kind of stuff.
  14. I think a piece like this suffers from the old: "I'm starting to get truly expensive, so my current owner might be thinking about using me to flip into a real 'show piece' kind of art." I do like Buscema, but for my money... from his art: I'd much rather have a great Conan cover. That would be THE keeper for me. from FF: I cant afford a Kirby Cover, and so If i were trying to spend big, but not out of reach huge, money on a FF four piece.. I'd go with a nice Kirby panel page over a Buscema cover. anyway just my two cents... not trying to over analize this one and leave a bad smell in the room
  15. you guys should stop being so mean to Anal Eyes... a very misunderstood character!