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  1. Hi, does anybody have some background information about Carlos Garzon, an inker from Columbia (?) that did some prestigious stuff all through the 80s (Star Wars, Blade Runner (both with Al Williamson as penciller) and Cosmic Odyssee (with Mike Mignola as penciller)), but I can't find any further information and don't know why he suddenly appears at the beginning of the 80s and then disappears again at the end of the 80s. I think he was a very good inker and therefore wondered if anybody here in this forum has some more info (there is no Wiki entry). Thanks in advance!
  2. The cover seems to be a little bit inspired by Seb Fiumara ( who also works digital but inks his digital Print-out‘s):
  3. Does Steve McNiven currently have a rep who sells his OA? I think he left MGA but couldn’t find any other rep.Thank you for any hint!
  4. Yes, I do. Here is the other half (very Kirby, I‘d say......)
  5. Here is some of my Cooke artwork: DC:The New Frontier # 3 Page 60
  6. These are the pages that I kept. Mostly older pages that simply are more dynamic than the HiH pages (which are also beautiful, don’t get me wrong here. But I think that you have to focus your collection otherwise you get lost)
  7. Kirby/Sinnott Buscema (inker: Sinnott or Palmer or Alcala) Romita jr./Williamson Moebius/Moebius Romita sr./Romita sr. these are 5