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  1. Unfortunately, they're all dead, so we can't ask them.
  2. All of the main Nazis on "Hogan's Heroes" were Jewish. Leon Askin (General Burkhalter) and Howard Caine (Gestapo Major Hochstetter) were both Jews and Werner Klemperer (Colonel Klink) had Jewish roots.
  3. Love the Creature figures! Have some of them. Wish I had the others!
  4. Wow! That's a real life Disney cartoon scary tree!
  5. It is a Ben Cooper. Unfortunately, I was 20 when that costume came out (1973).
  6. I agree with tv! NIGHT OF THE DEMON is classic horror! Directed by Jacques Tourneur (Cat People, I Walked with a Zombie, etc.) Screenplay by Charles Bennett (most of Hitchcock's mid to late '30s films.)
  7. Dark Corners Reviews has lots of terrific videos for us old school horror fans! The "M" and "Nosferatu" ones are favorites!
  8. I'd be amazed if those (boxes that look like a pack of "Winsons", etc.) were still around 40 yrs ago! "Hey kids! Now you can get lung cancer, just like dad!"
  9. And indeed the original boxes said "cigarettes" on them. Also, the '60s set had a Mummy, instead of a Phantom.