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  1. Yeah, I actually saw that, along with a similar listing on Amazon. I purchased and received a copy; so, now, I no longer need that Wizard World cover. If you, or anybody else, happen to come across any of the remaining covers I mentioned, please let me know. Thanks.
  2. UPDATE #5: The crossover issue with "Transformers" is now in my possession. I just need the one with "Ghostbusters" to complete "The X-Files: Conspiracy" set.
  3. UPDATE #4: I have the crossover cover with "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." I've removed it, along with the Ottawa Comic Con cover, from the list.
  4. UPDATE #2: I now own the signed version of the Dynamic Forces cover for "The Lone Gunmen" comic. I'm still in need of everything else that's been listed, though.
  5. The comic books I'm seeking are all modern age, and they do not need to be CGC graded. As I stated in the initial post, VF/NM would be ideal; so, basically, 7.5 or higher. Scans would be nice. I'm open to any offer, but if it's near the $100+ listings on eBay, then I'll have to pass. I'm willing to start at $25 for each cover, then we can negotiate from there, especially for anything that's signed.
  6. UPDATE: I've acquired the unsigned version of the Dynamic Forces cover for "The Lone Gunmen" comic. I still need the signed version, as well as every other cover mentioned above.
  7. I'm also in search of the Dynamic Forces cover (signed and unsigned, with COAs) of the one-shot/single issue of "The Lone Gunmen" comic, published by Dark Horse Comics in 2001. "The Lone Gunmen" was a spinoff of "The X-Files." I'll attach an image of the cover.
  8. There's actually one Topps comic I'm looking for, and that's the aschan variant of issue 20 that was distributed at San Diego Comic Con over two decades ago. I'll include an image of it to this post.
  9. HI, I'm looking for several covers/issues of "The X-Files" comic book series from IDW Publishing. I'm not seeking any of the Topps comics, just IDW Publishing. As far as condition goes, very fine to near mint would be ideal. I've seen a couple of the issues listed on eBay for over $100, which seems a little insane, so I thought I'd try here. If you happen to have any of the covers (which I'll list below), and you're willing to part with them for a reasonable price, then I'd be very interested in purchasing them. Just send me a PM. Thank you. "The X-Files: Season 10" Issue 1 Dyn