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  1. Lowered to $340. That's as low as I will go. $340 is a lot different than 400
  2. Lowest I'm going to go for anyone interested so don't bother trying to offer me less. Final price $350 plus $15 shipping
  3. 4.0, could be in the 5.5 to 6.0 range after press.
  4. UP FOR SALE is a copy of Amazing Spiderman #238 CGC 9.6! Price is very good, $370 $360 $350!!!!+ $15 shipping. PRISTINE CONDITION! Beautiful Cover! MORE THAN FAIR PRICE!!!! General Rules: No Probation list or HOS members. $350 + $15 shipping - Payment through PayPal $15 shipping - ONLY SHIPPING TO United States Please no returns. First one to say "I'll take it" or post will receive the book Beautiful comic that has been pressed. This is a very fair price, right around its value for CGC. Thanks for checking it out. Let me know if there is any questions about the book.