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  1. I was speaking with Eric Basaldua and he thought the new CGC holders would now encapsulate Jay Company books? Anyone have insight?
  2. I must admit i am confused about the tickets. In January I purchased a Premium pass and have not recieved word on what to do with the tickets. Do i have to opt in or opt out of the November show?
  3. Well this sucks. I completely understand but it still sucks.
  4. I fully understand Fan Expo is working within circumstances they never felt they would be in. I also understand there are huge financial implication for the show to be moved, cancelled or stay the same (much of which must be tied to insurance making it more confusing). Where I am concerned is, assuming there is a show, will there be enough comic artists and other guest to make it anything more than a local show? Assuming the show goes on but the guest list is understandably small can we get a refund on our tickets? None of this is the fault of Fan Expo but this show is getting close. By now we often know almost everything there is to know abut the show.
  5. Did anyone that sold in the May auction get their money? I understand if ComicLink is on a hiatus but if not I want to know if I need to bother my post office. They are notoriously poor at delivering the mail.
  6. How quick are they with seller getting their money? I sold with them for the first time in April (auction ended the 24th). I know it states 30 days but is it really 30 days?
  7. It is funny. I have a few sketch covers and now really only gather 'jam' type pieces on blanks but I have been trying to find a Frank Cho 'fun' sketch for a long time now. There was one on Comiclink that was okay but it had some nudity and, with a toddler in the house, I would have felt odd presenting it. From what I can tell the fun sketch covers he has done never come up for sale.
  8. So it seems as though Comic Sketch Art is having some pretty cool signing events (it is on their Facebook page). I have worked with them at conventions before and they are okay to deal with (well some of the people are) but not much online. I emailed them a a few days ago a pretty simple question and they haven't gotten back to me. A few days isn't long but this is the second questions that was ignored as I asked them something else months ago. Why do organization announce events and then don't seem prepared to answer emails? I have a job where, in the middle of a busy time, I get hundreds of emails a day and it sucks but it is doable. Sadly in the past I have had Candence Art not respond, Artist's Choice nor Coollines Artwork. Is this normal in the industry? It just seems as though comics are big money but not run by business people.
  9. I did a few times. Never responded.
  10. Does anyone know if Cat Staggs has a dealer or anything she works with? Her work is amazing but, as I find many artists also do not do, she doesn't respond to inquires.
  11. Living in your parent.s basement is technically 'homeless'.....I think =)
  12. Yes. I am including a close up here. It does not extend to the back of the slab.