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  1. While I hope this happens I am curious if we may have only Canadian guests?
  2. Just a quick note here. It has been a terrible 2020 for pretty much everyone. I wanted to point out that people are still nice. Thank you to Palourguy for connecting with me on WhatsApp and went to the Frank Cho show in Hilo. He didn't have any sketch covers for sale but Palourguy went (and waited in line early) and asked for me, a person he has never met. The world may be falling apart but there are still a lot of nice people out there.
  3. Is anyone going to the Maui Comics and Collectibles Frank Cho meeting on December 6th? If so and you may be willing to pick up a sketch cover (as he has some) please contact me. I am sure we could work it out something. I am in Canada and cannnot realistically make it to Hawaii!🤣
  4. I am not the most prolific collector but I get it as well. It has always been hard for me to let things go but this year I sold a bunch of books and it didn't bother me one bit. I enjoy some comic art and unique items but I am not sure what to do with the X-men #1 that is just sitting in a box. Just owning them doesn't real bring joy anymore.
  5. Now that you have had these a few years has there been any bowing?
  6. I tried to get it and had one of the last bids. I went to $2500 and, even at that, I thought it was a bit high. Maybe for the best as I am not a huge Red Sonja fan. Are these commonly own on the boards. There was one for sale on the Comic Art Fans but it wasn't for me. It has Deadpool kissing Gwen. A cover of this i like is a new mission!
  7. Any updates? Just had a friend in Toronto have a single book of the five he sent in returned. They charged full shipping for the one. Amazing.
  8. I also posted this request in the Original Art Marketplace but I do believe this type of books reaches a grey area as sketch covers are sold in the Comic Market Place often. If this needs to be shut down by a moderator I do understand. I would love to know if anyone has a Frank Cho sketch cover for sale. It doesn't specifically need to be an outrage cover, just one they may be willing to let go of. Even if you don't want to sell one but have one it would be great to see! (I know there is one on eBay at the moment)
  9. I haven't bumped this so I felt one couldn't hurt. Even if people don't want to sell it would be nice to see them!
  10. Has there still been no response from CGC? I understand it would cost more to send to Canada but I just sent a book to Florida and it cost me $20 Canadian. That is a far reach from $75 USD. At least give the option to ship it ground instead of air (that would save 40% or so).
  11. Maybe I can reword my question. Let's assume that the con season is back in 2022 (the year doesn't matter). Once health is no longer the primary concern will Cons look different? Have artists come to discover that Cons don't do them much good? Will publishers be less likely to budget the expense as the digital avenues have improved?
  12. I know I am looking ahead and the world could still be in turmoil but I wondered what people thought the 2021 Convention season will look like. If we assume that Cons run as they did in 2019 (I realize this may not happen, might not even be likely to happen, but it is for the purpose of the exercise) will they be bigger than ever? Will those artists that missed out on the money the Conventions bring in be even more eager to attend or will have the quarantine shown them they can sell as much over Facebook as they did in person? Will it differ depending upon the marketability of the artist? What
  13. As I continue to look for these Frank Cho books there are quite a few of them as images (meaning they exist) but not many prior sales. Is this a sign that those people are simply not letting go of them? I know I wouldn't