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  1. See that's strange to me, with them being full on the last panel, I would consider that a first full appearance. A good example would be apocalypse. His first "Cameo" appearance, he is in the shadows at the end of the book if i remember correctly. But the next book, we see him fully and in plain view, thats a 1st true "full" appearance. Q.
  2. So basically if we all agree something is the first appearance, it becomes so? its weird to me because Im a TMNT collector and basically Jennika's 1st appearance is #51 but no CGC label has that and shes been a Mainstay character for years. But for instance when she became a turtle in 95, people got books CGC'ed that month and they came back with her on the label saying Jennika becomes a turtle? Go figure. Q.
  3. Ok, So Quick Question, how does CGC verify or see what qualifies as a first appearance for their labels? It's been something that was on my mind before I started using CGC for grading 4 months ago, but recently came into question when I recieved my Naomi #1 back. Bendis has stated that the book is her first appearance, but the CGC label doesnt note that. So hwo is it determined? Do they have a contact with local publishers? Do they go by price guides and media sources? Do they discuss this and decide on their own? Do they consult the Artist and or Writers? etc. Must the character have staying power and return again in another issue to qualify as even appearing at all? I ask because now with comic and dollar bin hunters out there using apps like KeyCollectors or BOLO video's etc., I don't believe some of those appearances qualify as actual first appearances of anything. Ill give you 2 examples 1 old and 1 semi old. 1st, Cindy Moon aka SILK: So Silk's first appearance (considered by collectors and CGC alike) as far as i know is ASM #4 from 2014. I have a CGC copy and the label reads "Cindy Moon becomes Silk". But if you look for Cindy Moons 1st appearance, its stated that it is ASM #1 from that same run. She has a cameo and collectors consider that Cindy's 1st appearance. On most CGC labels I have seen, Cindy isnt anywhere listed, not even as a cameo on the label. So what book does CGC consider her first appearance and does it show on the Label? If Cindy "becomes" Silk in issue #4 why isnt that Silk's 1st appearance? ************************* 2nd, Major X: So I know there is much drama from the Rob Liefield post to the original artist post about the 1st appearance of Major X. How did CGC decide to go with MX#1 as the first appearance? Was that from marvel? Was that From Rob? Why was SPD/DP #47 dismissed as even a Cameo? How does this work? Signed Comic-Q, also new to using CGC Q.
  4. Honestly met alot of people like this who are shop owners. Before I got my own online store, many years ago I was talked out of getting into CGC by a shop owner i trusted. I should have never listened. Now the book I wanted to get graded was damaged during the years and that same shop owner has tons of CGC's on his wall for sale.... :( Go with your gut, and decide for yourself, best way to do it. I CGC some books, and there are quite a few in my own PC that I keep raw. One, because i hope to get them signed one day and two, because I love having them in my hand, and feel if it got graded a lower grade than i believe, I would be upset similar to your shop owner, so those books I keep raw. Q. P.S. If you ever get the chance, check my instagram, I have a post where I went into depth about that shop owner and the book i didnt get slabbed and what happened to it. @Cypress City Comics
  5. Maybe its the color and name. Maybe instead of green use a more mentally accepting cover, or heck even a transparent label? And not call them qualified, the term basically means like "you barely or just made it". I think its all about the presentation that makes the difference.
  6. What about having the Artist (since it is him or her) do a sketch or remark over their own signature and then re-submit? For example if I have a TMNT #1 first print signed by Eastman in the 90's. When i submit it, it would be green label. But if i take it to him at a con and ask him to sketch over it and resign, CGC at the con should be able to give a yellow label right? The only visible sig would be eastmans...over eastmans... Q.
  7. Hi All, So quick question, I noticed with the Signature Series, it says that it has to be witnessed by a CGC rep or from the author or publisher. So if you have a comic with a COA from the artist, will they still count that as signature series? Also, what about sketch covers with the authors signature. Example is IDW's TMNT #1 RI-D cover variant. They are noted in the comic as all signed and sketched by Kevin Eastman. So if I send one to be graded does it still count as signature series? If it doesn't I would rather keep them ungraded. Please let me know what you have experienced with CGC, first time using them. Q from Cypress City Comics