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  1. All my comics were stored on long boxes for at least 30 years. I just started submitting them, most of them came back high 9s. Long boxes doesn't look as sturdy as the ones I've seen, but with comic bag and board, it held out really well. Considering that I've been through hurricanes with no power for weeks in between those years. The best way to protect them long-term is not looking at them which I didn't for many years until recently for submissions.
  2. I didn't put notes on the box, it was shipped Priority Mail with certified mail. Maybe certified shipment and Priority got moved ahead of the packages. I was totally shocked when I saw my order was logged so fast.
  3. Shipped a 2 book submission on Saturday Received by CGC according to USPS tracking 9/16 Logged by CGC as received 9/18 This is the fastest I've seen my submissions logged.
  4. Received today except UPS left it at the porch with no signature (not complaining because I have some german dogs in the house). I didn't get a call thinking it was not worthy grades (all are 1 owner comics, me). Expectations exceeded, sending more 30-40 year old books.....
  5. Finalized/Shipped 6/21. Im not checking what I got until I open it myself. I'm quite sure I know the grade by no phone calls. Going to send my top tier book next and see how long it takes.
  6. Modern 3 Books Shipped- 5/21 (received by agent CGC) Received- 5/30 (CGC logged) Grading, Quality Control- 6/20 I most likely will receive it next week.
  7. Modern Submission: Shipped 4/29 Received 5/1 Received 5/8 (CGC logged) Grading/Quality Control 5/30 Shipped (UPS) 6/3 Out for Delivery 6/7 (missed delivery because no one to sign) Saturday Delivery 6/8 (wasn't expecting, signed/received)
  8. Modern Submission: Shipped 4/29 Received 5/1 Received 5/8 (CGC logged) Grading/Quality Control 5/30
  9. As someone who is responsible for our alarm system in our building (not a security guard, agent), why wasn't there motion detectors? Unless the business doesn't want to pay a full alarm system. If the motion alarm was in place, you better be gone in minutes. Listening to the owner's interview, he seemed more carefree about it.
  10. CGC received on May 1st according to my USPS tracking CGC status changed to scheduled for grading on May 8th. Mine submission didn't show up on website until today. I didn't call, I trust the process. I'm going to do another sub in a few day.