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  1. Purchased a copy of FF 3. The book has packaged excellently. Fast shipping. Great communication. No issues.
  2. I appreciate the input and sage advice. I'll be sending it back and cutting my losses. Live to fight another day...or something like that.
  3. I recently emailed CGC about a similar issue. Shipped a couple of boxes of books out on 8/3/19, they were delivered on 8/8/19 and still haven't shown as received on the tracker. Their response to my question about the long lead time in receiving books was "we get a lot of books"...Not sure how the factors in to their turnaround times advertised on their site. 14 business days and the clock hasn't even started yet.
  4. Good morning all! I'm new to collecting/selling and wanted to get some input on how a Restoration label impacts the value of a book. I recently sent a copy of ASM 37 off for grading and it came back as an 8.5 WHITE C-1 restoration. The retailer where I purchased it is offering to refund my money ($350) because they weren't aware of a restoration. Original purchase price and grading fees put me out a little over $400. The most recent 8.5 Universal label sale was $800. Is restoration removal and re-grade a good option? Probably no "one-size fits all" answer here, but figured I'd get some input from the experts. Thanks, Kevin
  5. If it's SM #8 (as pictured) and not SM #52 (as described), I'll take it at -10%
  6. Purchased a couple of books from Travis: FF #48 and SS #4. Two of my all-time favorites books and he made sure they were packaged and shipped with care. Everything arrived quickly and as described. I would definitely buy from him again. Kevin
  7. Figured I'd get one of these going sooner, rather than later.