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  1. A lot of copies of this particular Star Wars #1 were shipped to Disney parks for the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. I wonder if they printed so many they decided to forgo a Walmart exclusive for this issue and just let Walmart use what they had lying around. https://wdwnt.com/2019/05/photos-star-wars-galaxys-edge-1-comic-book-debuts-at-shops-around-walt-disney-world/
  2. Unless I'm missing something, there is nothing different about the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge #1 cover in the Walmart 3 pack than the one shipped to comic shops. The UPC symbol, logo color, issue # size, etc. are identical. Are we sure all these comics are Walmart exclusives? Because this one does not appear to be.
  3. I guess the change is the Iron Man tech is now inside the Spider-Man costume? So this different direction is ... Iron Boy? How about a different direction that resembles the character in the comic book? You didn't need to add Tony Stark and his tech (although we know why they did it, Iron Man is popular so ... more of the same which makes this different direction ironic), just tell new stories that include the myriad of characters that have appeared over the years. Chameleon, Kraven, Kingpin, Scorpion, Jackal, Tombstone, John Jameson, Black Cat, etc. There is still a lot of ground to cover IMHO. I hope the new movie jettison's the Iron Man connection and we actually see Spider-Man and not Iron Boy II. <fingers crossed>
  4. If it finished domestically at $850m (it is looking like it will come up short of that with it now starting to trailing IW at the same point) the total box office take domestically will be about 2.4x opening weekend.
  5. It is looking likely Avengers End Game will finish #2 domestically behind The Force Awakens. I am surprised at how quickly it has fallen off domestically as I was sure it would be #1. There is really no competition for another week, so maybe it can make up lost ground this week. It is too early to call if it will get #1 internationally. It has a good shot at it though. If it finishes at #2 all time on both charts, that is still a great showing. Hard to see anything coming even close to this in the superhero genre for some time.
  6. Come to think of it, Captain Marvel was not with the Avengers when they time jumped, was she? More important things to do than save half the population of the universe? Good point. Tony Stark should have known how close they came to beating Thanos on Titan.
  7. Why did he give up? He is given a chance to fix things and he was hesitant to take it. But offering him beer motivated him? I do not see Thor, God of Thunder, ever giving up let alone having regrets.
  8. I finally saw the movie last night in the Cine Capri (largest movie screen in AZ). Just a few of my thoughts: I am not as enamored with these Marvel movies because unfortunately I am too familiar with the source material and do not like all the changes they have made to several characters to adapt them to movies. I have said before I wish I had not spent the past 45 years reading comics and I would probably enjoy these movies more. But, putting aside that, they did a great job of wrapping up arcs for several characters and there was lots to love here. I like Tony Stark’s send off as well as Captain America’s. Thor in the movie is just so different from the comic and if it wasn’t for the costume and title I would not recognize the character I grew up reading. I have a hard time believing Thor would regret killing a villain like Thanos let alone it impacting him to the point where he just gives up. His character has been the most butchered of all the characters in these movies and this final movie just was more of the same. Why did Captain Marvel wait so long at the end to destroy Thanos’ ship? It seems like she could have taken the ship down immediately after it started bombarding the ground and we could have avoided a big fight. Along those same lines why did Thanos and his army stand there letting the Avengers and allies assemble? I like that they actually killed off major characters instead of having them live so another actor ala Jame Bond can carry the mantle. I believe this will just mean we will inevitably get a reboot which might give us a chance to see some of these characters reinterpreted for the movies. I hold out hope I will eventually see the noble Thor I grew up with on the big screen. Now that the heroes can time travel and have used it successfully a few times, it will be hard to believe they will not use it again in the future when things get dire. Unless Kang or Doctor Doom step in and make the consequences of having done so a negative. This kinda reminds me of when Superman reversed time in the original movie to bring back Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen. Why did SHIELD not have a bigger presence at the final fight and during the Tony Stark sendoff? I know the Vision was not created after the time jumping but I hope they find a way to bring the character back. His absence as well as SHIELD’s was noticeable by me. It wIll be interesting to see where they go now that Tony Stark aka Robert Downey Jr. is gone. That single character has done more to define these movies and not always in a positive way.
  9. I thought they were attempting a throwback to a 70s style of directing and it did fall flat to me. One of the bigger problem I had with the fight scenes was I didn't understand Captain Marvel's powers. Hulk is strong, Captain America has strength and uses the shield, Thor has strength and uses the hammer, Iron Man has flight and repulsors, etc. Captain Marvel is ... strong, has glowing hands, and can punches hard; can blasts things from a distance; turns into some sort of flaming character in space (does she do this in the comics?); can heat up things by touching them, is yet another Marvel character with a super-powered suit (probably my biggest complaint with the MCU), etc. It really felt all over the map. She is basically Superman plus. There was no tension or sense of danger because she is invulnerable. I think 6/10 is fair. I would have said 5/10 personally. TBH, I wish I had not grown up reading comic books, because I would probably enjoy these movies more.
  10. I went to the movie yesterday with my family and some couple friends. The general reception was positive. Just one friend did not like it. I thought it was below Marvel's usually high standards. Definitely in the bottom of the Marvel movies for me, somewhere around Iron Man 3.
  11. It is clear from reading through some of the reviews, many of these bad reviews are from people who did not even see the movie. Just the same political b.s. that has been plaguing blockbuster reviews for a while now. It is too bad Rotten Tomatoes has an influence on some movie goers. Their system is severely broken and in need of an overhaul. Including their critic review scores. Unfortunately, I don't have tickets for this weekend, but I'll be seeing this movie next weekend. I've always been a fan of Marvel's cosmic characters and I'm looking forward to how they handle the Skrulls.
  12. Rotten Tomatoes has their audience score up and this movie has a dismal 34% liked it score. I guess Rotten Tomatoes didn't purge the bad reviews this movie was getting before the movie was even out? Watch Rotten Tomatoes tweak this review process some more to appease the big studios.
  13. This is my least favorite Marvel movie. The first movie was Disniefied and this one more so. The plot holes are jarring. And the humor was forced. I sat in a full theater and there was hardly any laughing. The few scenes where the heroes actually do something are decent but too few and far between. This is such an inconsequential Marvel movie. I recommend skipping this one at the theater and saving money. After Panther and Avengers this was a big disappointment. Definitely kid safe and aimed at younger kids.
  14. I'm glad someone read what I wrote. I was talking about the 1st week. This movie has not double it's first week domestically yet. I'll let everyone get back to the whataboutism that overtook this thread.