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  1. It’s nice on so many levels. Congrats on that win.
  2. Thanks Lions Den, I regretfully forgot to mention that crease, but you can see it in the photo. Definitely no color touch....this copy was given to me in a batch of 50 or so GA comics that were given to the son of the original owner- his dad. Hang on...let take a close up photo. It’s a non color breaking crease....should definitely be a part of the assessment of grade. But no color touch.
  3. We are likely moving back to the west coast soon.....these threads are more fun when it’s not midnight(ish)
  4. I’d be interested in any high grade Planets.
  5. Hi gang, I’ve owned this book for nearly 20 years. Overall, it’s a really nice example that didn’t get much reading time. Thinking of getting it graded and would love to get thoughts on where it might land. There are 2 very faint non color breaking bends (I wouldnt even call them creases as I think they could easily press out). There is also a 1/8th tiny tear on upper left top. A little staining on the back spine and some minor wear on the back lower portion. Page quality is very nice. (Please also see the non-color breaking crease on the upper left corner....realized that was there after I sent the original post and I inadvertently left out...hence the edit) Hopefully the pictures will show all of this. Thanks guys for taking a moment and looking! Any thoughts/recommendations much appreciated!
  6. Jared, awesome results. Your patience and hard work in finding these has really paid off. Congrats man!