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  1. Joining a little late. But some really awesome books coming across. Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their health #1. Great idea to share books and distract a little. Here are some of my own personal favs (apologies for not listing daily per the original request)...
  2. Just the they are from a slightly different angle.
  3. Here is some color perspective.....Church vs. the undercopy...(lighting isnt great....but I just took these)
  4. That’s the CC image....funny how the colors pop so well in their images. The reds are definitely strong on it though. Here it is in special lighting.
  5. Ha. Jared baited me in on the 14 and 15 “club” part. (Just glad those 2 are some of my nicer books) Some really great books being shared by all. Aardvark- those are fantastic! .....and ComicJack....that 15 is just, well.....SPECIAL. I actually met Nic Cage right around the time that book went to Heritage auction. I was on an elevator at Cedars Sinai hospital....going up...”ding”....door opens walks this guy with long hair (coughing uncontrollably.....clearly having some type of exacerbation episode from smoking I would guess). Just me and him.....going up 4 floors. He looked up...but turned his head not to make eye contact. I just remember how different he actually looks compared to how the make-up artists make him look. He was going through some heavy financial drama during that period....hence the sale.
  6. I know, I know.....I don’t contribute as much as I should...but here are a couple of mine.....
  7. George picked up a few copies from me recently. Really a pleasure to talk to and super grateful for the books. Mahalo sir
  8. Sorry.....but that is hilarious. That song.....