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  1. CGC cases do not offer UV protection. There are third-party products out there, but non that we endorse specifically.
  2. Since the bottom portion comes apart a considerable amount, this would likely need to be regraded.
  3. Hi there. You can find dimension info here:
  4. We’re adding this now!
  5. Here's some more info about pedigree collections and the CGC recognized pedigrees:
  6. There are a variety of stamps used to designate file copies. here's an older thread with some examples:
  7. Thanks for the inquiry. Yes, we will start adding this notation.
  8. Some collectors would view that as impressive. CGC actually recognizes many pedigrees that can be labeled as such. You can review our recognized pedigrees at the link below.
  9. Yes that's absolutely something we can do. The cost for our reholder service as part of On-Site Grading is $25. All books graded on-site would be ready for pickup by end of show.
  10. If the magazines do not fit within the dimensions listed then unfortunately we won't be able to encapsulate.
  11. The CGC cases are archival safe. The inner well material is PETG.
  12. Grader response: Yes, we will grade them. We actually started grading them around 2017. However, before they get submitted they must first be brought to Kevin Eastman himself and verified of its authenticity in front of a CGC representative or a CGC Signature Series witness.
  13. Here's another thread that will be helpful.
  14. Modern tier is your best bet. Modern tier is for books valued up to $200 per book and published after 1975. Value is for books valued up to $200 per book and published 1974 and earlier.