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  1. Graphic Novels would be under the Magazine Tier. Specific dimensions for each are outlined here:
  2. Turnaround times for onsite grading vary, but if submitted at the show for onsite, you will have your books back by the end of show weekend at the latest. You can follow your online submission tracking once you drop off, then pick up once updated to finalized / shipped.
  3. To submit books or collectibles for a Private Signing at NYCC, follow the instructions below: Books MUST be in window bags with boards. Your NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER must be written on the back of the boards. You must have cash for artist fees. Go to CGC booth #2522 for paperwork.
  4. No on-site grading at NYCC, but you can review the events we're offering on-site grading at here: CGC Private Signings at NYCC Jim Lee - drop-off by 4:00PM Friday - signing fee disclosed at CGC booth Robert Kirkman - drop-off by 6:30PM Friday - signing fee $30 Frank Miller - drop-off by 6:30PM Saturday - signing fee $100 J. Scott Campbell - drop-off by 12:00PM Sunday - signing fee $30 Chris Claremont - drop-off by 12:00PM Sunday - signing fee $20 Fabian Nicieza - drop-off by 12:00PM Sunday - signing fee $20
  5. Hey there. So, when you submit a book for a CGC private signing, it would only be signed by one of the artists. If you wanted one book signed by both artists, you may be able to get a CGC witness and have one artist sign at their booth (if offered) then turn in the book for the CGC private signing for the second signature. Two different books with two different CGC private signings would be on two separate invoices. Hopefully this makes sense.
  6. You can submit this book for restoration removal and have it screened to make that determination.
  7. JonnySnyder

    UK CGC?

    Yes! The CGC UK office operates out of our NGC London office. United Kingdom NGC International UK Ltd. 69 Southampton Row, Third Floor Bloomsbury WC1B 4ET London, United Kingdom Office visits by appointment only. Submissions accepted by in-person drop off only. Please call or email to schedule an appointment. Hours (Monday to Friday): 9:00am to 5:30pm (+44) (0) 20 3968 3848 (+44) (0) 20 3968 3849 fax
  8. Hi there. Restoration Screening is on the page after selecting "Restoration Removal" on the online form. Please see the attached images. Screening is checked under "Additional Services".
  9. Hi there. You would first come by the CGC booth, or go see an authorized facilitator, to grab a CGC authorized witness. The witness would then come with you to the signing. After signing, you would submit the books at the CGC booth or with the authorized facilitator. All pricing info is at this link:
  10. "Soft" nudity is acceptable, "extreme" graphic nudity i.e sexual acts are not acceptable.
  11. Gotcha. Yes, CCS will email the results of your screening, and you can decide how you want to move forward.
  12. CGC will grade books that contain nudity on the cover. However, if the nudity is portrayed in a more extreme manner, or if the cover image depicts explicit sexual acts, CGC will not grade it and the item will be returned.
  13. That information can be found on the website here: