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  1. Thanks for reaching out. First, you should verify that CGC will be at the shows where you'd like to have books signed: If CGC isn't attending a particular show that you are, you can reach out to our authorized facilitators to witness and submit books on our behalf: If CGC is attending the show, you would bring your book(s) to the CGC booth at that show. We would crack the book out for you and set you up with a CGC Signature Series Witness. They would witness the signature and walk you through dropping the book(s) off at the CGC booth before the end of the show. The book(s) will be placed in a tamper proof bag until drop off. Signature Series Witnesses are complementary.
  2. The book would have to be evaluated in person, but you can review some FAQs on the CCS page (the video is helpful):
  3. Todd had to delay the signing due to illness and then the holidays. He'll be signing in the next couple of weeks and the original turnaround times will be honored starting on the day books are signed. Thanks for your patience.
  4. From Matt Nelson: Two things—first, the top and bottom spines are often crunched already, either from printing or mishandling over the years. The spines on those books were often glued together haphazardly so right off the press they appear misshapen and smashed. Second, the only thing that is going to cause further crunching is if there is some sort of impact to the corner, like dropping them or dropping the box they are in. Crunches will not form over time without physical interaction, so the bag has nothing to do with this.
  5. Please reach out to customer service to see if they can help with this: 1.877.NM.COMIC
  6. In this new CGC video, we break down membership options and walk through the submission process via the online form!
  7. Hi there. 1. Yes, two separate invoices and associated fees. 2. Any window bag that can easily expose the front of the book for signing is fine. Additional info:
  8. We are still working out all of the details for each show. Some shows from 2019 may not carry over to the 2020 schedule. We will update the events page on the CGC site as any new information becomes available.
  9. Hi there, great question. Signature Series books must never be removed from their case, unless under the supervision of a CGC authorized witness. To add Todd's signature to your Signature Series books, please send them to us in their current encapsulated state. We will remove the books from their cases for an additional $5 fee per book.
  10. All info pertaining to the private signing is listed here: CGC cannot guarantee a 9.8 grade since your books would be regraded after the signing. Make sure to include your 9.8 CGC blue label in the bag and board with the book. If it's a CGC Signature Series label, do not crack the book before sending in. Thanks
  11. Yes, trade paperbacks with card stock covers can be pressed by CCS.
  12. Well, universal grade is not the same as conserved grade. But for conserved, yes, as long as tear seals and reinforcement is “A” quality. All the work allowed in conserved is listed on our website.
  13. Hi there. Here is our events page on the CGC site. Our 2020 schedule is coming soon