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  1. I could just go ahead and say 5.5 or 6 but I'll let you all do it
  2. According to Gocollect there is a 2nd printing of issues 2 and 3 but not other issues.Anyone know why or if the 2nd printing has value?
  3. Be nice,you wouldn't like me when I'm angry(heck sometimes i don't like me when I'm not angry)
  4. I thought it looked better live but after seeing the pictures I can't disagree.
  5. And don't give me any of the 4.5 either(for anyone not sure this is in jest)
  6. No moisture damage that i can tell,age makes it difficult to value, some of Ditko's early work.
  7. Agree on all counts thanks for looking.
  8. What do you think,worth grading?