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  1. Thanks for the replies, based in part on them i have gone another direction I sent Moon Knight 1, She Hulk 1 and 2 copies of High Republic 1 RI to be graded instead.
  2. that is my thinking as well, thanks for the input thanks for the input. Kingpin being on the cover of 51 may be a factor going forward depending on movies.
  3. Thanks for reply, I am the original owner, bought off racks. I want to preserve them first of all and second I think 31 and 51 have some room to run. I have no plans to sell right now but might in the future. I have 50,100 ,101 already graded. I think 50 and 51 make a nice graded set.
  4. I have a group of ASM issues that I am considering having graded. i want to have 4 books graded, here are the ones under consideration #'s 28,31,37,,42,51,59,119,124. I believe all will grade between 4.5 to 6.5. Any thoughts appreciated?
  5. Hoping for an 8+ after C&P. I think I have a shot, the interior pages are clean and in nice conditions
  6. My clean and press guy says 7.5 to 8.5. He is pretty good at estimations
  7. some waves but a press and hopefully this is a bit better than 7.0