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  1. Both are wonderful books,and complete a story line (that would be a consideration that hadn't occurred to me)
  2. You misunderstand, I am not asking about prices,I have done a lot of online research and have most of the answers in that area such as price,numbers of sales and the like.My question is does anyone have favorite issues because of cover pics or some other reason.I have mine but I'm sure other folks have different ones for different reasons. Many are fans of #28,me not so much.I like #62 ,#39 ,#119 and #136.
  3. What would you consider "very high grade" I agree with much of what you say.I am just looking for some other thoughts on the matter. I am awaiting #100,101,121,122 and 129 to see how they turn out I am hoping for 7.0 or better on each. My plan is to do 5 more for now(with #50 being one of them) Any suggestions on the other 4?
  4. In my case my son is a collector as well and knows more about it than I.My books range from 21 to about 140.I just recently got them out of the closet,(they were bagged and boarded) I have several other titles such as Hero for Hire and Marvel Spotlights of that era.I think I am better served to concentrate on the ASM's,would that be your opinion as well?
  5. The recent posts of ASM's raised a question for me.I have about 120 ASM's in my collection,some are in about the same shape as those recently posted(46 and 36 I believe) others are in better shape(some much better) Obviously key issues are in a class by themselves but I was wondering which and how many others to slab.My goal is to keep them in the condition they currently have.My intent is to keep them and pass them along to my son some day I have the cover price invested in about 80% of them. What thoughts does anyone have on the matter? Thanks in advance.
  6. Point taken and you are probably right but sometimes stuff comes out of nowhere.
  7. Actually someons who keeps up with such things said she was to have an expanded role in upcoming movies as an investigative reporter(detective like role) but by all means feel free to poke fun at my posts
  8. I have #21 thru # 135,I am currently having #'s 100,101 121 122 and 129 graded.I think I have reasonable expectation for a range of grades from 7.0 to 8.5 for all books. My plan is to pass them on to my son at some point.Back to the original topic the HfH run I am not sure what to do with,I believe they would all be 8.) or better(when I get #1 back I will know more)
  9. Thanks,interesting discussion,I guess I really knew the answer to my ASM vs HfH question just needed to hear it from someone else. I think grading key issues first makes the most sense,after that do you have any thoughts on which to grade next?(earlier issues vs better quality issues) any particular issues stand out for you I was thinking #86(Black Widow) #42,#135 and #147
  10. I have the entire run,am in the process of getting #1 graded,maybe the run gets important some day.What is your average grade on the run.I have considered getting the run graded but I have 100 ASM's to consider as well. Any thoughts on the matter?
  11. Not sure if this fits here or not but Hero for Hire was a short run series before it changed names does anyone collect the original character books.
  12. Anyone heard anything about Lois Lane comics being on the upswing?
  13. Agree,not any kind of expert, but the notes don't match what we are seeing,unless it was graded by a Catholic Nun who was having a bad day and really mad at the time.
  14. Printed on cover,pic only shows front of book
  15. I've seen a couple of books on an auction site(they look good) that are marked not for resale on the cover.Where do these books come from,do they have value and can they be graded.