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  1. I can reach it. Try clearing your cache on your browser. Or try a different browser. I find I have good luck with Chrome and Firefox. IE not so much. DA
  2. Blue lines can be distracting. Take in point this Rick Mays piece I used to own. Rick used blue line pencils to lay out a grid and then drew the art. It was much more noticeable in person than this scan. While I did really enjoy the Zatanna, all the blue boxes became too distracting when I looked at it and I eventually sold it.
  3. Longtime lurker. Longtime CAF member. Collectors call is a TV show on ME TV. Last night they had a gentleman on showing some of his original art. He had Avengers 53 cover Journey Into Mystery #1 interior art page Avengers 15 splash page Captain America 208 interior page Archie 6 page story by Dan Decarlo Also a sketchbook with the theme of rabbits by different artists. You can see they episode here if you do not get MeTV https://www.metv.com/collectors-call What does everyone think of the appraisal of the art? On the nose? High? Best DA