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  1. Top 3 - Todd McFarlane (No matter how often he gets brought in, I’ll probably always have more books for him to sign, heh) - Robert Kirkman - Erik Larsen A couple of honorable mentions that I would definitely send a few books in for: - Mark Millar - Greg Capullo - J Scott Campbell - Garth Ennis - Jim Lee - Bruce Timm
  2. Greetings! New to the forum and looking to potentially buy a piece or two of original art related to one of my key points of interest. I’m largely looking for 90s Image art, along with a few other exceptions which I’ll list below. When it comes to payments, I should be able to pay all at once for any piece under 1k within a few days of coming to an agreement with the seller, but for anything above that I’d like to find somebody who is willing to either accept a payment plan or hold onto the piece for a period of time until I can get the proper funds together, with the length of time depending on the price agreed upon. As for what I’m seeking out: Greg Capullo Spawn art - Especially when it comes to covers or splash pages, but I’m also up for anything that includes dynamic action or from key issues of his run. J Scott Campbell Gen 13 art - Covers and splash pages are again preferred, though I’m also interested in at least considering any piece that heavily features the female characters. Will also consider sketches, commission art and so forth for this one. Erik Larsen Savage Dragon art - Especially 90s era art, but I’m open to pages from after that decade, particularly if they feature characters like Mr. Glum or Angel. Covers, splash pages and action scenes favored. Sam Kieth The Maxx art - I know there isn’t much that he’s released in terms of interiors or Image covers, but I’d love to find any pages or covers that people may have to offer from the Image or IDW days. Also up for considering commission drawings by Sam if they’re of Maxx characters. Ryan Ottley or Corey Walker Invincible art - Covers, splash pages and action scenes preferred, along with a greater interest toward pages from the first sixty or so issues of the series. Archie Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures art - A rather niche search on my part, but I’d like to find some covers or pages of the old Archie comics TMNT series, particularly those drawn by Chris Allen or Ken Mitchroney. I’m also interested in any covers from the series and possibly pages from certain issues of the Mighty Mutanimals spin off.