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  1. Now that I found this I want to look for the 1974 Origins Of Marvel Comics invitation. Anyone ever attend either? I am told that approximately 150 were sent. The "Take Your Pic as Your Favorite Super Hero" was a life-size wooden stand of Hulk and Spider-Man with their faces cut-out. The fan would stick their's inside and Marvel took your pic: These were also used at the 1975 Marvel Comics convention. I wonder what the "favors" were that were handed out. I would love to certify this but there would be no way to see the inner pages inside the capsule.
  2. Hi all. Since eBay started (in the mid-1990's) I have seen Marvel Comics bound in green volumes with "Suter" on the bottom of the spine. They were very well bound and wondering if anyone knows anything about the original owner, named Suter. I just found this Not Brand Ecch! at an estate sale. This must have been a massive collection that got split up over the years, unless Suter is the name of the bindery that did the work. Any comments would be appreciated.
  3. Hello, no the style guide sheet and comic book sign (previous post) predates the boardgame.
  4. After the convention (just weeks) the Marvel Merchandise Letters were sent. Stan Lee used the image as part of the letterhead (version 1). In late-1975 Romita cleaned up the image.
  5. Definitely, some of the coolest Marvel has been featured in the most obscure and fringe publications.
  6. Hi Kev, yes Romita created the image for the 1975 convention and then cleaned it up for use afterwards. You can see the minor differences in 1975 on the flyer (eyes mainly).
  7. This image was first used for the 1975 Marvel Convention but the artwork created in late 1974. It became the iconic image we know today from then on.
  8. I am not sure if any of the two editions (1966/1969) that featured Marvel Comics stories have ever been certified. They are great articles and the 1969 supposedly nudged Marvel further into creating Black Super Heroes. The 1966 edition mentions the Berkley Pelican article (1965) and has a very cool Dr. Strange pic which is odd because Spidey or Hulk were the ones usually used as general graphics for that era. Also, the 1969 edition (which accused Marvel as only having the Black Panther as a "token") prompted a swift reply from Stan Lee's assistant editor which was published (as they knew it would). These papers are very rare and real pieces of Marvel and counterculture history. Anyone seen them before?
  9. That is very cool, as well as complete and high-grade. So what are you looking to do, pawn or sell?
  10. I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time to buy this. It's a Star Wars press kit for the comic adaptation. The press kit was mailed a day before the movie's premiere, back in 1977. I thought I was missing the brochure (mentioned in the letter) but a Hollywood writer was able to get Charles Lippincott to authenticate it and provide clarification. Apparently, I am not missing the brochure as the three comics are it. Only one other Star Wars collector has seen it and no Star Wars or Marvel Comics website has one. I only wish that they had sent the rare, 35 Cent editions in the package (LOL). Has anyone else seen or own one?
  11. Thanks, not just a fake, but a vintage fake. Thanks for all the input.
  12. I just picked this up. It was a part of a collection that also had vintage Marvel Comics artists (which I know were authentic). The paper is brittle in places along the edges and the ink has faded. I ran an image search and came back with nothing. What do you think? I would love to know if I got a deal or a dud . . .
  13. 1977 Tara Toy Company Spider-Man promotional poster. Four were discovered in an attic in New York and I have three left. I called the toy company and unfortunately they had no employee's from that era they could ask, but since they didn't sell posters (only toys) it is either a Spider-Man appearance giveaway or a mail-away premium. The toy company opened in 1977, the same age as the poster. It was fully licensed by Marvel Comics and what is even better is that it is an untrimmed production proof! The overall dimensions is 21.5 x 25.5 inches and in Very Fine condition.