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  1. I was so lucky to be in the right place at the right time to buy this. It's a Star Wars press kit for the comic adaptation. The press kit was mailed a day before the movie's premiere, back in 1977. I thought I was missing the brochure (mentioned in the letter) but a Hollywood writer was able to get Charles Lippincott to authenticate it and provide clarification. Apparently, I am not missing the brochure as the three comics are it. Only one other Star Wars collector has seen it and no Star Wars or Marvel Comics website has one. I only wish that they had sent the rare, 35 Cent editions in the package (LOL). Has anyone else seen or own one?
  2. Thanks, not just a fake, but a vintage fake. Thanks for all the input.
  3. I just picked this up. It was a part of a collection that also had vintage Marvel Comics artists (which I know were authentic). The paper is brittle in places along the edges and the ink has faded. I ran an image search and came back with nothing. What do you think? I would love to know if I got a deal or a dud . . .
  4. 1977 Tara Toy Company Spider-Man promotional poster. Four were discovered in an attic in New York and I have three left. I called the toy company and unfortunately they had no employee's from that era they could ask, but since they didn't sell posters (only toys) it is either a Spider-Man appearance giveaway or a mail-away premium. The toy company opened in 1977, the same age as the poster. It was fully licensed by Marvel Comics and what is even better is that it is an untrimmed production proof! The overall dimensions is 21.5 x 25.5 inches and in Very Fine condition.
  5. Three, rare to be found (unopened) Multi-Mag comic packs, from 1968 and 1969 - $2,999.99. The 1969 (green) has a few tears in areas but remains sealed. The two 1968 have a tiny break or tiny tear in a couple of spots as most that are discovered usually do. Paypal, check or USA Postal money orders accepted. They will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail (in a box) with insurance and tracking. Sorry, no International buyers as customers don't like to pay the high shipping amount. These will ship anywhere in the continental USA for $50. Unfortunately, CGC does not certify these (maybe they will one day). The last time some came up for auction at Heritage or Hakes was nearly a decade ago and they went for insane amounts (back then). I don't really want to sell them individually so all three packs for one price. Thanks.
  6. The original owner got the piece several weeks after the Marvel Convention (4/1976), so it was before the issue debuted. I wish I could ask Dave about, but his wife Patty might know. Her pose is identical to the preliminaries and I have never seen that stance anywhere else. I found something cool 10 years ago. Not many people realize that Dracula's first debut for the (selected) public was a Christmas Card sent by Marvel Comics. Marie Severin did the art work in Mid-November and his 1st Appearance was TOD #1 (April), which really was January: The card was mailed in early-December. I asked Stan Lee about it but he couldn't remember and said "OOPS", you got yourself a NO-Prize". Check it out below.
  7. Below is an auction that I didn't realize what it was until I read Taschen's 75 years of Marvel. In the book I saw several preliminary drawings for the new character, Phoenix. They were from Dave Cockrum's own drawings and the ones in the book didn't have her in the final costume. The eBay auction did and I believe it was from his original concept drawings based on the pose and dimensions of the trimmed media it was designed on. Someone not only got a piece of history but also a bargain! Compare yourselves and comment what you think.
  8. For Sale is a California Pelican magazine published by Berkley University, back in 1965. This was the first collegiate analysis on the effect Marvel Comics was having with its readers, especially in college. Stan Lee even praised the magazine in editorial pages of several comics. It was also one of the archive copies for the University. It is in Very Fine condition with a small spine split at the top and minor wear and age. CGC has never certified a copy. . .yet. I am looking for $599 + $20 for Priority Mail shipping with insurance. Bitcoin, check, Paypal (confirmed address only) and USPS money order accepted. No International shipping, sorry.
  9. Hello, I am trying to complete a collection of Rent-A-Super Heroes posters that Marvel started in the mid-1970's, read below. I own 4 of the 1977 Super Heroes posters that could be rented but am wondering how many more were made and that collectors own. If anyone has any please post pics. The last I found was a 1977 Spider-Woman poster and really want to buy Green Goblin, Ms. Marvel, ROM and any others. They are really nice looking and worthy of framing and displaying. Here is what a Spider-Woman looks like. They sell from $100-$400 depending on the character so let me know your price. Thanks!
  10. My biggest achievement was finding the elusive Merry Marvel Marching Society Certificate which was signed by Stan Lee and sent to individuals that created an M.M.M.S. club of at least 6 members. I ended up selling it to a CGC employee. To me, the hunt is the best part and now I can look again for it.
  11. I have sold the Fantastic Four #3. X-Men #12 graded 7.0 for $699. The X-Men looks much higher but has been miscut when originally bound and cut. Shipping is $25 each for USPS Priority Mail with insurance and tracking. Bitcoin, check, money order and Paypal accepted. No returns on CGC books. Thanks!