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  1. Thanks. Monogram made the Marvel and DC magnets: On their backsides was a magnet and a double sided adhesive strip. The Captain Britain has neither, only a pin fastener. I think it is a great character and costume.
  2. Thanks! Now I know. I use to see magazines offered for sale in the Scholastic "Weekly Reader" brochures the teacher gave us too. SMASH magazine had the best inserts, then Dynamite.
  3. Thanks for these great pics and your research. It is impressive that you knew the year from the color of the label. I bought it mostly because it still had its mailer. I would have been disappointed if I ordered the shirt in the AD but received something else.
  4. Thanks, I am glad it continues to be a mystery and gives me more reason to continue researching!
  5. I never knew that Pizzazz mailed early issues in envelopes. I had always thought they placed the mailing label directly on the front cover. Here are a few, but the Pizzazz mailing label with Spidey is the best.
  6. Hi Gary, yes I was the one that bought it. I convinced the UK seller to ship to the USA. I had seen repros of it on eBay USA but I only collect originals.
  7. Gary, do you know the origins of this Captain Britain badge? I bought it because it was cool and is in the same design and materials as the 1977 Marvel Comics magnets. It is not dated but has to be pre-1982 when his costume changed. I am not sure if this was a free gift, merchandise from ad or promo given to fans. Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. This wasn't a free gift, but I had never seen one before so bought it. The 1972 ad must have been for a different shirt than the one advertised.
  9. Hi Gary, it's Tellshiar. I hope you are doing well, and you have some great stuff!
  10. Here is the POW Spider-Man Iron-On that the original owner transferred to a handkerchief. Thank gosh it is unused and believe it was used more as a pocket square for a suit rather than a snot rag (LOL).
  11. I just got this poster from 1972. I am not sure how rare it is compared to other free gifts, but I know one had to destroy (clipping stamps from pages) 10 comics to get it.
  12. Hi all, I just got this poster and am wondering if it was advertised in Pizzazz magazine for sale, was specifically printed for comic stores to advertise the magazine or was an exclusive promo. If anyone knows I would appreciate any info. Thanks!