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  1. Looking to buy New mutants number 14 looking to spend between $30 and $50 depending on grade would prefer high grade and raw.
  2. Looking to buy multiple copies of this comic in high grade, NM+. Looking to pay like $3ish per (negotiable).
  3. Looking for these three in NM or as close as I can get. Looking to spend around $10 each.
  4. Looking to trade JIM 83 cgc 1 & Avengers 4 CGC SS Lee for GS XMen 1 raw or slabbed 9.0+ negotiable. See pics.
  5. I have a couple books I'm looking to trade but I didn't see a spot for there one I'm just missing?
  6. That's always how it is.
  7. Looking for a high grade ASM 654, looking to pay $30ish. If you have the variant and 2nd print let me know.
  8. Can't say thank you enough for everyone who took the time to help me out by giving advice. I truly appreciate it. Dcmannn has been super helpful in selling me a couple nice runs I needed so shout-out to him! AF is the only book I think I would throw $10k at in .5-1.5 (per eBay is doable) and then talking with a few high end guys I see in my travels and trading up with cash. I would love raw for the romantic aspect of my kid touching (when he is old enough, he is only 6) the actual pages of these classic works but don't think it's likely. I guess I'll play it by ear on the grade. Perhaps I'll know what the min I'll accept when I see it. Thanks again for everyone's help. If you see anyone selling 100-149 send em my way! I'll keep everyone updated on my hunt.
  9. Ive been collecting ASM for a long time with is why I have all of v2-5. I have NM+ of 298, 299, 300 and all the keys just have not yet gotten them graded. I don't want to do it but you almost have to at this point. My "plan" was to for instance but 100-149 in raw except for the keys. I don't see why I would spend $600-800 on a raw VF/NM 101 when I could spend $1000-1100 and get a cgc 9.0. so that was my plan for the runs. Again if someone has a better plan let me know.
  10. I am curious as to everyone's opinion on this: Currently putting a complete run together and leave it to my son. I have 150-current (minus some variants because there are too many) in NM. Based on what I can see I should be able to get 100-current in VF/NM and not take out a second mortgage. Where I'm racking my brain is from 1-49. What grade is "good enough". Obviously I would want everything in NM but that's not an option. I also don't want to buy books, then have to upgrade and try to sell the lower grade books. So my question to all my fellow collectors is "what grade in raw is good enough so the collection is pretty"? Also any advice to completing the collection is appreciated.
  11. Half guide. Half comicbookrealm.
  12. Looking to buy ASM 100-149 without the keys (101, 121 & 129). Looking for these in VF/NM preferably. Looking to pay half book.
  13. Let me know what you have and condition. Thanks.