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  1. This is kind of how I felt about the Hulk #180 pages that recently were up for auction. Great pages just from the standpoint of being Trimpe Hulk, but even if I was in the market for such pages I wouldn't pay a lot extra just because Wolverine first appeared on the final page of the issue.
  2. I've been thinking about this topic and it seems to me that prices only really go down under the following situations: 1) The fan base "ages out." I seem to recall another thread in which Pogo strips were discussed. I don't know much about them but the consensus seemed to be that prices have dipped due to the people who remember Pogo having gotten older and in some cases dropped out of the hobby, while younger collectors don't seem to care. Unlike with a character like Spider-Man, where someone like me who grew up with Ross Andru would nevertheless love a Ditko page, the fact that Pogo didn't impact multiple generations has affected the value. 2) A large amount of art has flooded the market. Either a collector with a large collection is selling or the artist/their estate is selling a lot of their work. Those who want an example have a lot to choose from. 3) There was some external reason for a price jump and now there's a correction. Sometimes you see this with characters who are appearing in movies, and when the hype fades after the release there's a drop. Or the market was basically propped up by two collectors with the same interest who were very competitive, and one drops out for whatever reason. In these cases the prices don't usually go back to "bargain" territory, but there's a correction. The only example I can think of recently (granted, I don't pay a ton of attention as I can't compete with the big guys) is Sal Buscema ROM pages. For a while they were cheap, then it seemed like every page that hit the market went for a lot, then Sal sold most of what he still had and the couple of guys who were driving the demand eased off. So while it's not as cheap as it was, it's more reasonable now. (Not so Ditko pages.) I've also heard that Barry Smith Conan pages are soft, but every time I see one listed it's more expensive than the last, so maybe that's just in prices actually realized.
  3. He's extremely prolific, that might have something to do with it. Collectors who just want an example of his work (as opposed to a specific story or issue) have a lot to choose from.
  4. First con sketch I ever got, 25 years ago!
  5. I like the splash, but as you're a Phantom Stranger collector I can see how you wouldn't. His figure is the worst part of it and looks kind of wonky. especially the face. But I dig the mummy and the setting. As a PS collector I can see why you'd want a representative piece from the artists who worked on the book, even ones you're not wild about. So my advice is keep it, enjoy it to the extent you can, and when/if you need to sell or trade something, it's a piece you won't find it hard to part with. Same if you find a Talaoc page from the series you like better to take its place. I understand your impulse...I love Herb Trimpe's Shogun Warriors art but I also bought a splash by Mike Vosburg even though I didn't especially like it (I didn't hate it either, and I like Vosburg's art on other stuff, just not this book) mostly because I like the characters and it showed all three robots and it was reasonably priced. I parted with it a couple years later and don't miss it.
  6. Wow, that Dragon's Lair is really getting up there. It hits a nostalgia sweet spot for me too but I'll have to admire it from afar. Now I feel lucky I got this drawing from Don Bluth in the 90s.
  7. I never went to Supersnipe but the method you describe is one I recall being not uncommon in the Eighties, especially in smaller stores where it was often a one-person operation and they couldn't easily work the register and also keep an eye out to prevent shoplifting at the same time. This was before security cameras - or rather before it was common for a small business operating on thin margins to have them. I also think a factor was reducing the amount of handling of the vintage books, especially when comics were more "for kids" who would sometimes get excited and not be careful with them. This sort of thing went away in the 90s from what I remember, as backing boards and cheaper security cameras became more common.
  8. I remember there being a glow or flash in the direction you were supposed to go (or on your sword if you were supposed to use it) but there was a VERY short window for you to react properly, so yeah, there was a lot of trial and error involved.
  9. I bow to no one in my love of Herb Trimpe, but am I the only one who thinks the Hulk #180 pages are kind of...blah? Is the appeal really just that Wolverine's first appearance comes on a completely different page of this issue? Or am I missing something?
  10. It's a great splash to be sure but I can't handle a decapitated Red Ronin...too painful! HOWEVER, if you are ever selling another Godzilla page, holler at your boy!
  11. I'm sure everyone knows about the house fire at Len Wein's house that destroyed some original art...many people thought that included the cover to Giant Size X-Men #1 but luckily that was not the case. Erik Larsen had a similar fire that burned up a lot of his art, I think. And for D&D art collectors, Erol Otus lost a ton of TSR art to a flood.
  12. Once you've gotten what you're interested in, if the seller wants to part with any more, send 'em my way!
  13. According to my internet research, most of Erol Otus's originals were destroyed in a flood at his home some years ago. But he is still active in doing work for indie RPG companies so you might be able to find something more recent. His work is still stunning. He does seem to be kind of off the grid, though I believe he does RPG cons near where he lives. (When there's not a plague.)
  14. I'm not aware of any up for sale right now other than the CoolLines "inquire" ones. But they do come up every now and then. The last few I've seen, aside from the issue #12 battle page earlier in the thread, have tended to be SHIELD Agent-heavy, less Godzilla, but they do trickle out.
  15. This is super cool! In America we got fewer of the Fighting Fantasy books, but there was some great new cover art by Corben and others. Do you mind if I ask where you found the Fighting Fantasy art? I'd love to see if there's anything from the books I remember.