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  1. Old PLOD books can now get blue label special labels. Smh not guys should stop this before it becomes a big problem, if it hasn’t already.
  2. They really need to start packing small orders better. It’s unreal.
  3. I know. It looks incredible for a 5.5. I would love to know who bought it and see what happens with it.
  4. It was listed here for around $45k. It was then pulled. It was also recently graded, late October. It was pushed heavily for sure which is fine but why not resubmit yourself if it looks like a 7.5? I don’t know, maybe someone got a steal and it will get a higher grade. I’ve learned to trust my gut over the years and it said stay away. I’m always worried someone could switch out a restored comic and reseal the slab. I’ve cracked some slabs before and they opened so clean, no cracks or breaks at all and I could have easily resealed it. I’m talking new ones too.
  5. Anyone else watching that 5.5 on eBay that looks like a 7.5? I’m tempted to bid but something seems fishy. It was for sale here too and then pulled.
  6. Wonderful 5.0 love seeing this book...anyone else think it is still cheap?
  7. Yup I saw it. Was bidding on it cause would settle for writing if a good price.
  8. I have and even saw them in person. One has major mold on the back cover and the other has a rusty staple that has spread to interior pages and glue...still thinking about it because just can’t find others. Thanks
  9. I just love this cover too, of my top 5 for sure. I bet this book continues to go up for years and will eventually be up there with FF1. Surprised it’s still affordable in lower grades. They seem to go super quick when available here too.
  10. Thanks, I’ve been offered a 5.0 at $20k but may have a trade lined up too. We will see.
  11. Correct. Easy to tell from top right border. Different books.