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  1. I thought about that one too but trying to find an X-men 1 first. Nice buy!
  2. Thanks Retro. I’m still looking if anyone has one.
  3. I keep barely missing this book. Looking for Xmen 1 CGC 3.0 - 5.0 and paying GPA prices. Thanks. I’m in Texas and plenty of feedback.
  4. A+ i bought Spiderman 129 8.0 and he was great to work with and sent extra photos. Overseas seller. Would easily buy from again!
  5. Looking for a high grade FF52. 8.5 plus if you can help. Paying gpa prices + thanks!
  6. What an amazing seller! Super responsive, sent a ton of details and worked with me on two nice issues. Marvel Super Heroes # 13 in 9.0 Fantastic Four # 48 in 6.5 Highly recommended. Great communication. A+
  7. It’s an ECC frame. UV protected for sure. Thanks.
  8. Curious if people by find pages to complete an issue and then have it graded? Can you mix like that?