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  1. He’s a good dude. Hope he is ok.
  2. Big thumbs up! Did a $3000 deal and he shipped fast and super secure!!!! Thumbs up.
  3. Yeah I passed on one last year and regret it now. This and Showcase 4 are the last two big books I need so hope someone can help. Thanks.
  4. I know it’s a long shot but let me know if you have one available. Any grade. Prefer 8.0+ thanks. Plenty of positive kudos here.
  5. I realize I never posted my upgraded X-Men 1.
  6. I own a 3.0 that looks really nice IMO. Never pressed, Very vibrant colors and no chipping. Thrilled with it actually. I sent to CGC and had it graded as is. I bought it from original owner. Curious what you guys think.
  7. I was this close to getting the Wonder Woman too. I’ve been wanting a blue label but decided to go ahead and get it and then saw you claimed it jeranimal! Congrats! I’m super happy getting the FF1, been looking for one so thank you Surgeon!!! Getting the sigs makes it that much better too. 👍🏻
  8. This happened to me. They had me send it back and they fixed it the best they could. It kept the same grade.