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  1. Thanks folks! I've already submitted a request to get this fixed. I'll let you know if I hear back.
  2. Hi, I recently got my X-Men 101 pressed and graded by CCS/CGC. Unfortunately, the Grader Notes indicated: "light crease left top of back cover" and "spine stress lines". However, when I looked closely at the back cover, I noticed a bunch of creases near the spine, which looks like a pressing error. Unfortunately, I didn't take a "before" picture of the back cover, just the front, but I don't remember seeing these creases. Even if they were there before, shouldn't pressing have eliminated them? Should I ask CCS to re-press this book to address this problem? Also, I could not see the "light crease" on the left top back cover, can anyone else see it?
  3. Photographic close-ups always make things look worse than they actually do in hand. Anyway, how do we really know that was a 9.8??
  4. Lol, I knew that close-ups would only make things look worse! But you have to be careful, because that sometimes can skew your analysis. Take a look at this issue of X-Men #120 as an example. The close-ups of the spine make it look worse than it really is. What grade would you guess it received from CGC?
  5. Ok, I took some closeups of the top left corner and bottom right. The top left is very slightly rubbed or creased, but the lighting in my prior photo made it seem to be worse than it actually is, and I don't think it breaks color. Also the bottom right appears to be just the way this cover was printed, as the "color rub" is actually a result of some pixels not being fully colored in, as opposed to having been physically rubbed off. The spine tick on the front spine is clearly there as is the dirt and crease near the bottom staple, on the back. That said, any updated opinions on the grade? Also, could a good pressing and cleaning remedy any of these flaws?
  6. Thanks. Can you point out the specific flaws that you see?
  7. I'd appreciate feedback on this X-Men #129, which I am considering submitting to CGC, I'm a little hesitant because so far none of my other X-Men (#101, 103, 109, 120 and 121), which were in similar condition, have come back with a 9.8, even though I had thought at least some of them would. Does this one have any chance? I'm guessing not likely, due to that little bit of spine stress, which is such a killer. Anyway, please let me know what you think.
  8. Yep, I'm pretty sure it will be on the low end of that scale. And yes, I met Frank Brunner at a comic book convention over 40 years ago and got that signature! Which is why I'm submitting it to CBCS for verification. Too bad CGC doesn't do that. I only wish I had kept it in better condition.
  9. I’m not necessarily in a rush to sell but I’m getting them graded to preserve their condition so that one day I can if the price is right. I’d love to hold onto these and other vintage books in my collection for as long as I can, but would hate to see them go down in value before I sell. It’s a conundrum for some of us old time collectors. 😆
  10. Ok, I have another vintage book for review. My HTD #1! It was wildly popular when I bought it 45 years ago until, well, that unspeakably bad movie happened. Anyway, maybe it's due for a renaissance so please give me your best guesses. Sorry but I have only the one pic of it bagged, cause I already sent it into CBCS for signature verification. Thanks!
  11. It seems that from 8.0 to 9.0, ASM #101's value is averaging within a fairly narrow range (btw $800 to $900). But then the value jumps exponentially, at least according to GPAnalysis (9.2 is going for $1800, 9.4 is $2700 and 9.6 is over $5,000!). Just my luck!
  12. Thanks folks! I'd be happy with something in those ranges, maybe after a pressing to get out some of the wrinkles and try to minimize the spine stress. But nothing you can do about the color breaks or tears. I've submitted them for pressing and grading and will let you know what I get back. Fingers crossed!
  13. Thanks! Here are few more pics, to give you a better view.
  14. Yea, there's a weird little stain on his leg, which I'm hoping will come off with a cleaning. Here are a few more photos of the book, which may help. The colors are still fairly bright, but there is a bit of wear.
  15. With the new Morbius movie coming out, I figure it's time to get this issue graded. Your thoughts? Thanks! I also have ASM #102 (below). I mistakely uploaded the scans for 102 and couldn't figure out how to delete them from this post! So, if you care to offer me your grade on this as well, please be my guest!