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  1. You should definitely ask CGC to recheck and regrade if you really think they made a mistake. I've had several books regraded for free and got better results. The best example is my Batman 251 which originally received a 9.0 with white/off-white pages. I wrote to CGC and told them they must have made a mistake, because the book was practically flawless and that any stress lines should have been corrected by pressing. Also, CGC originally said that there was a small corner crease, which they realized was not actually a crease after regrading it. It came back graded 9.6 with WHITE pages! Amazing but true. It's a pain in the to have to check CGC's grading and get them to fix it, but they will if you are clear and have a legitimate argument. Heck, they even credited me $100 for the trouble after they regraded about a dozen of my books, with most of them coming back with better grades. I figure it may have something to do with the fact that I've spent almost $10,000 on CGC/CSS, so I guess they want to keep me happy.
  2. So guess what? After I got my book back, I decided I wasn't happy with CGC's grading of 9.0 for this book, and asked them to re-grade it, because I thought that was bit low and had overly penalized the book for the small corner crease (which I don't think is actually a crease). Any they agreed to look at the book at no charge, and LO AND BEHOLD - it came back with a 9.6!! Which means it just tripled in value , and which also makes me question alot of my other grades, but I guess I should just count my blessings and leave it alone...for now.
  3. Ok, just got notified by CGC and they gave this book at 7.5 and categorized it as C-1 for what they determined to be a small amount of color touch restoration and "very small, multiple tape pull" on the front left center cover. So that explains weird spots on Punisher's leg, and you all were spot on! I just wonder if there's any way to clean that up to get rid of the C-1 designation.
  4. Just an FYI update - these books have been graded by CGC! ASM #101 got 9.0 and ASM #102 got 8.0, so a bit better than anticipated but most of you were pretty close to the mark! I did have them both cleaned and pressed, which was probably worth a half-grade or so increase. I'll post photos when I receive the books. Thanks again for everyone's input, and I hope you are all doing well...
  5. Lol, I think that everyone tends to go low when there are a lot of close-ups that may exaggerate a book's flaws. I wonder if CGC's graders use a magnifying glass when they grade
  6. Ok, thanks for the feedback! I didn't realize water stains were such a downer for CGC. Does anyone know if dry cleaning can remove water stains like this? I think I read somewhere that it cannot, but if anyone knows differently, please let me know! Thanks.
  7. Yep, that's exactly what I was wondering, and I'm going to ask CGC to recheck the book and regrade.
  8. Ok, please indulge me again. I submitted my Wolverine #4 for grading and it came back lower than I expected. Please let me know what you think is a fair grade for this one. I included a couple of close ups of a visible water stain on the bottom corner. The rest of my set (#1, 2 and 3) all came back 9.6 and are in identical condition as this one, except for the water stain. Would that alone be enough to downgrade this to 9.0?
  9. Ok, I guess I was being a bit dramatic, but hey, there is no crease...
  10. Well I would be ok with it except the grader notes indicated a "moderate crease" which "breaks color" when there is no visible crease whatsoever, much less a moderate one, and no visible color break on the back cover! This leads me to believe the grader made a mistake, which should be rectified at no cost to me. I am going to be resubmitting this as a mechanical error and demand an accurate (i.e. higher) grade.
  11. Here's a silly question from a relative newbie - when you resubmit, do you send it back in the original case or do you actually crack it open and send it in "raw"?
  12. FYI, here are the grader notes: light spine stress lines to covermoderate crease left bottom of back cover breaks color My question is, where is this moderate crease on the back cover??? Here are some more close-ups of the back cover. PLEASE tell me if I am just blind or if there is NO CREASE??
  13. Ok thanks to everyone for your input! Here's the shocking reveal (was I robbed or what?!):
  14. I'm not sure if this is kosher, but I'd appreciate an honest opinion on this graded comic. I don't quite agree with the grade, so I'm putting this out there for review and comment without showing the final grade. I will reveal the grade afterwards. Thanks!
  15. Ok, here's the graded and signed book! I took a close up of the small crease on the top right corner, which I believe is what most impacted the grade. You can barely even see it without a close-up shot. Let me know if you agree with CGC, or if I should request a re-grade, since the rest of the book (back and front) is pristine (any dust you might see is from the scanning bed, which I guess needs to be cleaned lol). Thanks!